Homeschooling: why and how we are doing it

Homeschooling: why and how we are doing it - Love the Life You Live!

Homeschooling is such a controversial subject and until very recently one that I wasn’t particularly interested in. That is until we decided to pull 11 year old Léna out of secondary school to homeschool her. I’ve mentioned it a couple of times on social media and soooooo many people have asked me about it so […]

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Burnout: how I got it and how I dealt with it

Burnout: How I got it & How I dealt with it - Love the Life You Live!

Most people don’t know that I have suffered from burnout. You see I don’t tend to share when things are going badly. I hole up, I lick my wounds, I work through it all in my head, confiding in one or two people close to me, and then I may, or may not, share about it […]

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Women Empowering Women – Whatever Happened to Sisterhood?

Women empowering women - - Love the Life You Live!

Is it just me or has the idea of Sisterhood and women empowering women gone down the toilet? I was brought up to believe that friends look after friends, and that sisters support each other. And in my world it really felt that way – I’m surrounded by some incredible “sisters” (real and otherwise) and […]

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Stop the thigh gap shame!

Stop the thigh gap shame - - Love the Life You Live!

When I was in my twenties I had a difficult break-up with a serious boyfriend and I lost loads of weight, yet even at my absolute skinniest, with my hip bones jutting out, I didn’t have a thigh gap. Young girls growing up now are being bombarded with online challenges to have skinnier thighs, narrower […]


Live For YOU & Don’t Care What Others Think

Live for YOU and don't care what others think - : Love the Life You Live!

How many moves, decisions, actions that you’ve taken in your life have come from trying to please others? Or fit in with “the right thing” to do? Or what Society says you “should” do? Probably a hell of a lot I’m guessing. Because it’s easier not to rock the boat. Believe me, it’s so much […]

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Digital Detox: Something Amazing Happened

Digital Detox - Love the Life you Live!

I am a recovering phone addict and so I force myself on frequent Digital Detoxes to keep my addiction under control. You see I need my phone, social media and the online world for my business BUT I know they are all harmful to me, my mental health and my relationship with my husband and […]


Is Your Dream Worth The Sacrifice?

A bit more than 2 years ago my little family and I moved from the UK to Mauritius. And I know lots of people thought “what lucky b*stards!”, but what most people don’t know is that this is a journey that Ben and I have been on since the end of 2003. So today I […]

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Toxic Friends: Recognising them & Dealing with them

I’d never heard of the term “Toxic Friend” until a few years ago, but I understood it immediately. If you know me at all you’ll know that I’m a happy-go-lucky kind of person, I’m positive and optimistic with a glass that is always at least half full. I also have lots of self-confidence BUT even I […]

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The Grass isn’t Greener in Paradise

The Grass isn't Greener in Paradise: - Love the Life You Live!

How many hours have you spent dreaming about how much better your life would be if only you lived elsewhere? Your relationship would be incredible, your kids would be better behaved, you would be the advert-perfect wife and mum. Countless hours I’m guessing. Well I’m here to burst your bubble. I live in paradise and […]


Comparison is the Thief of Joy and Why YOU Need to Stop it

Are you the Queen of Comparison? How many times have you looked at someone – a friend, neighbour, colleague, school mum, family member – and said to yourself “she’s got it all, she’s got it made, she’s got such a good life”? And then turned round and compared her life to your own life? We […]

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