Got a question about Sophie or this website? Have a hunt through here and if you don’t find your answer then email your question over: support@sophielebrozec.com

Can I join the Love Your Life Club if I don’t have a Facebook account?

You absolutely can. The only downside is you will miss out on the community which is via a Facebook group. You could create a Facebook account just for that, it can be completely empty, with a different name and you will still be able to join the group (just let me know which account is yours).

What do I do if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Sadly at the moment this is the only way that I can take payment. They’re super easy to set up, don’t hesitate to drop me a line for help creating a PayPal account if you’re struggling: support@sophielebrozec.com

Do I have to be a mum to join the Love Your Life Club?

No you don’t, but mums tend to get more out of it. However the Facebook group (private online community) is female only.

I love the Love Your Life Club and want to recommend it to my friends – do you do any offers for referrals?

Of course 🙂 Just get your friend to drop me a line once she’s signed up to the Love Your Life Club, saying she heard about it from you and there’ll be a little something in it for both of you!

Do I have to be in a certain time zone to make the most of the Love Your Life Club membership?

Not at all. I am in Mauritius (see my time zone here) which means I’m somewhere between Asia and Europe time-wise, and all the content – emails, community and anonymous forum – is 24/7.

How do I pay for the Love Your Life Club?

It’s a monthly subscription which is debited via PayPal every month on the same day. So if you signed up on the 5th May then every month you will be debited on the 5th.

If I sign up to the Love Your Life Club can I cancel if it’s not for me?

Absolutely! I only want women in this community who want to be there. If you join and then realise it’s not your cup of tea, just drop me a line at support@sophielebrozec.com. You don’t need to give any reason, just let me know you want to cancel your membership.

If it’s your first month then you will be refunded your monthly fee. After the first month the subscription will be stopped from the date you send your cancellation email.

Can I cancel my Love Your Life Club membership and then rejoin at a later date?

No problem. Just bear one thing in mind – if you cancel and the fees go up you will then be paying the new membership rates the second time.

I want you to speak at an event, what should I do?

Email me at support@sophielebrozec.com with dates, times, location and any subject matter. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Are there any locations you are unable to talk at?

I live in Mauritius but travel around the world frequently. If I am in your location then it’s super simple. But if you are in London and I am in Mauritius, and you want me there, then it’s going to be at a certain cost 😉

Are you available for interviews or talks virtually (such as Skype)?

I am married to an IT whizkid and my family lives halfway across the world so I am very used to having virtual conversations. So this isn’t a problem for me.

Do you give talks for free?

It is very rare, but you can always ask 😉

I am from the Press / Media, can I interview you?

Yes. Just drop me a line at support@sophielebrozec.com

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