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I LOVE LOVE LOVE helping women find ways to be happier in their lives. I want you to be more fulfilled, to be on the right path for you and to generally love the life you live. There are lots of ways I do this – through free and paid resources, why not help yourself to some of my freebies? Take as many as you want 🙂


When you become a mum your life completely changes, pretty much overnight. But what creeps up on you is the realisation that you’re just going through the motions. You’re fighting fires. You’re running and running and running on your never-ending hamster wheel. But loving life? Feeling happy? Feeling fulfilled? Not so much these days.

That could be anything from just a bit of a meh feeling to a full on FML rant.

Either way you need and deserve to get out of that rut, which is why I created a super simple 10 day guide to falling (back) in love with your life.

You get an email a day for 10 days with tools, information, help and resources to go from shitty to yippee!

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A while back I ran a webinar on my old parenting blog, Franglaise Mummy, to help women with some of their biggest issues – making decisions, dealing with fears and working out which risks to take and which to avoid like the plague.

The webinar was a huge success and I got some great feedback so I converted the webinar to a video which you can watch and take notes on.

Some of the feedback I got:

“I’ve nearly finished listening to your recording – great stuff. You need to be a life coach!! I feel better already!” – Natasha

“By the way love “facing your fears, decision making guide” it is such an eye opener, thanks for that” – Fatou

“Great guide, I made lots of notes and I’m feeling inspired” – Jane

“Great video, thank you Sophie, it was great to hear your story in detail along with some really helpful advice and great quotes to live by” – Trace & Steph

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