It's time to make your dream life a reality - : Love the Life You Live!

Life Reboot Camp is for women (especially mums) like you, who feel unfulfilled in your life, a lack of contentment, jealousy when you scroll through social media and see other people’s photos and lives. You are frustrated with where you’re at in life, you may be bitter and feel like life is so much better and easier for everyone else. You may also be looking for balance in your life, feeling a bit mid-life crisis or be at a crossroads.

At the start of 2015 I was living in London and working as a full-time childminder and part-time blogger and author. By the end of the year I was living my dream life on the tropical island of Mauritius.

I didn’t win the lottery, or come into any money, I just looked at things differently. Asked questions. Did research. Made a decision. Took a risk.

In Life Reboot Camp I share the ins and outs of my story, and teach you how you can make big and small changes to your life to be happy and fulfilled every day.

My dream and goal now is to help women like you to live your own dream life. Whether that is on a tropical island like me or in a city centre skyscraper, whether it’s running your own business or teaching inner-city kids, whether it’s married with children or single and child-free.

Whatever your dream life is I’m going to do my very best to help you achieve it. And because I believe so strongly in Life Reboot Camp I guarantee you a full refund if you find the programme lacking at the end of the 6 weeks.


It’s not too late to get started. Not too late in your life, not too late in the year. Does any of this sound familiar? You…

  • thought you’d be somewhere else by now
  • feel permanently tired and like this hamster wheel won’t ever stop turning
  • might be having a midlife crisis, or not, but something’s not quite right
  • find yourself googling far flung destinations or crazy jobs
  • are a bit fed up with your day-to-day and are wondering if this is it
  • sometimes get jealous and envious when you scroll through Facebook and Instagram
  • could happily eBay your kids and your other half most days
  • would give a kidney to do what YOU want to do for a change
  • sometimes wonder what people see in you (from a love, work or friendship point of view)
  • hit the snooze button a little bit too hard each morning
  • have dreams but don’t act on them
  • catch yourself wishing there was something more

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. And Life Reboot Camp is for you, to help get you out of that funk and into a life you love.

What is the Life Reboot Camp?

Life Reboot Camp is a 6 week online learning programme for women who don’t feel totally happy or fulfilled with their life and have decided it’s time for change.

This programme is right for you whether you want to make changes in your:

  • work-life / career or
  • relationship or
  • parenting or
  • life in general

You will also find everything you need to sort out YOU. Whether this is self-doubt, wondering why people like you, being too scared to go for a job / approach a good-looking man, hating the way you look, wishing you had more likes/followers on social media and more.

Life Reboot Camp covers most aspects of life, because if things aren’t going well at home it’s going to affect your work. And on the flip side if you’re stressed and worried at work you’re more likely to be stressed and worried at home with your partner and kids.

You may only need some of the modules now, but you get the course for life so you can come back and do different modules as and when things crop up for you.

By joining Life Reboot Camp you also get free lifetime access to the Love Your Life Club, a private membership club for like-minded women with a Facebook group and daily inspirational and motivational messages.

What we cover in Life Reboot Camp

  • Module 1: YOU
  • Module 2: Woo-Woo
  • Module 3: Relationships and friendships
  • Module 4: Parenting
  • Module 5: Work & Career
  • Module 6: Decision-making and facing fears
  • 6 Bonuses from a variety of experts

The programme consists of 6 modules + 6 bonuses from a variety of experts. The modules are delivered at a rate of 1 module per week via a secure online space and via downloads that can be accessed offline, so you can work whenever and wherever suits you, because we’re all busy.

Each module is made up of videos, worksheets, lessons, tools and techniques + a detailed list of external resources to be explored. Plus everyone in Life Reboot Camp automatically gets free lifetime access to the safe online community of LYL-ers (Love Your Life-ers) in my Love Your Life Club.




Life Reboot Camp starts on Monday 26th February and you will be able to access it all year-round via my Shop at its full price of $497. BUT to make it as accessible as possible during this launch period you can join at $300 less – at just $197 or for $75 a month over 3 months.

This discount ends on Sunday 25th February


Do I have to do the course live / be available at set times for it?

Oh God no! The logistics would be horrific 😉 Everything is available to do whenever suits you – you can access everything online, or you can download everything and do it offline. I am very aware that I have little time and I want to digest information in different ways at different times, so my aim is to make this as easy to take in as possible.

So there are videos, audios and worksheets principally. All of which you can access online or offline. And if you don’t have time for videos you can download the audio version to listen to when doing household chores / driving 😉 And / or you can read the transcripts of the videos if neither video nor audio works for you.

You get everything for life and you can work on it literally whenever and wherever suits you.


– on Mondays you will receive an email with that week’s module.
– on Thursdays there will be a live chat to discuss that week’s module, which you can attend live – or not, which you can watch afterwards – or not.

I’m not interested in all of the modules, do I have to do all of them?

Again – oh God no! You can do the bits which resonate with you now, and come back to others as and when you need them, or never, it’s up to you.

What guarantee do you have that this will change my life for the better / make me happy or happier?

None at all because I won’t be doing the programme for you. I can guarantee you that if you sign up for the course then wait for your life to magically change, it won’t. However if you sign up for the course, and do the work on the modules that you have issues with, it will be very hard not to see radical changes in your life, very quickly. And, because I believe in Life Reboot Camp so much, I offer a full refund guarantee at any stage, up to and including AT THE END OF THE COURSE if you find it has not been helpful to you. That means you get to do the whole course, keep everything, and ask for a refund if you find it didn’t work for you. So basically you have nothing to lose 🙂

Laughter as your default setting

What does Life Reboot Camp look like, module by module?

Module 1: YOU

In this module we work through everything that might be holding you back from living your best life.

We cover self-esteem, self-confidence, sense of worth, body confidence and learning to feel comfortable in your own skin and body.

You will learn the importance of self-care and develop your own self-care routines.

We will delve into history to better understand why you feel the way you do, or feel you can’t do certain things.

We go over the importance of cutting back on screen time and unveil other activities for you instead.

We say a big NO to Comparison-itis and you get tools to help you deal with this moving forwards.

We find a balance you’re happy with across all areas of your life that demand a part of you, and we work out what time management is best for you.

Module 2: Woo-Woo

Whether you’re full on into your woo-woo or whether it makes you run a mile, this programme wouldn’t be complete without a woo-woo chapter.

You can pick and choose the modules that you follow and work on, so this is by no means an obligatory part of the course. However I would highly recommend quieting your inner sceptic for a while and trying this module out – it could well be the one that turns your life around!

In Week 2 we go from barely woo to full on WOO-WOO. We cover decluttering as when you get rid of the physical crap you can start to clear the mental clutter too.

We work through forgiveness which is so incredibly powerful and not a part I would recommend anyone skipping. Work out who you need to forgive and why doing it will make such a big difference.

We go all grateful as we look into the importance of gratitude in changing the life you live day-to-day. We’ll talk gratitude jars and gratitude journals.

It’ll be time to dig out your fancy pens and stationery as you learn about journalling – the different ways you can do it, why you should be doing it and how it will change things in your life.

We’ll dig deep into mindset as we work to move to an open, positive and growth mindset.

And then it will all go pretty wooooooo!

You will learn about EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) also called “tapping”. Find out what it is, the effects it can have on you, how you can do it at home by yourself (for free) and open a real treasure trove of goodies.

Finally in this module we will delve into the law of attraction and manifesting. That whole craziness which says you attract what you’re thinking about. Believe it or not, you’re going to want to be aware of it if nothing else.

Module 3: Relationships & Friendships

This is a juicy module where we talk about blame and apportioning blame, both in romantic relationships and other relationships such as friendships and in families.

It wouldn’t be much of a module on relationships if we didn’t talk about sex, so this is covered in an open and non-embarrassing way.

In this module you will learn the importance of one-on-one time and, more importantly, how to find that time.

Discover new ways to communicate to take the pressure off of your relationships.

You will learn how to recognise a toxic relationship (romantic or otherwise) and what on earth to do about it.

We’ll look at that age-old question “is it me?” to help you when relationships are heading south.

You’ll find out about mirroring, liking and being liked, getting out what you put in, when people change and unfriending.

Module 4: Parenting

Again this module won’t be for everyone. HOWEVER if you’re not a parent yet it will definitely help you for when the time comes, and if you never want to be a parent or are done with parenting, you might find it useful as an insight into other people, for example siblings, friends, neighbours or colleagues who are parents.

We cover the taboo subjects such as “it’s not how I thought it would be” and “when your child drives you crazy”.

We talk about parenting and your romantic relationship (whether you partner is your child’s parent or not).

You’ll learn the absolute importance of Me Time when you’re a mum and how you can fit it in.

You’ll find out how you can get the support you need – from your kids, partner and those around you.

We go back to Comparison-itis and how it can affect you as a parent (dealing with school playground shizzle and more).

We talk screen time, how to know if you’re a good parent and your child’s place in your life.

We also get down and dirty on the whole stay at home mum / working mum / work at home mum debate, so you have all the tools you need to decide which is best for you.

Module 5: Work & Career

You may think that everything is hunky dory with your work situation. But whether you’re an employee, a business owner, a stay at home mum or the President, our work defines us and takes up most of our waking hours, so you need to make sure you are 100% happy and fulfilled doing what you do.

In Week 5 we dig down deep into the juicy questions: “Are you doing what you want to do?” and “Is that a good or a bad thing?”

If you’re not sure if you are happy with your current situation we will work through where you’re at, the highs, the lows and whether it’s time to move or stay. We’ll look at all other options for you, allowing ourselves to deep dive into dreams, wishes and hopes.

You will find out what would happen if you had a magic wand when it comes to your career, and any next steps you need to take.

Module 6: Decision-making & facing fears

So many of us get crippled with indecision when we have a big choice to make, we settle for no decision or a status quo we hate instead of facing our fears and going for something new.

In this 6th and final module we will cover several areas of decision-making and facing the fears this conjures up.

We will look at this with relation to moving to a different area or even changing countries.

We cover making decisions when it comes to relationships, work, business, kids and more.

You will find out how to deal with your worst case scenario and how to assess the risks involved with your decision / indecision.

You will learn how to make a decision when it is you calling the shots, as well as when the choice is something offered to you (such as a job relocation).

Finally, if midlife (or any stage of life) crisis is knocking on your door this is the module for you as we go through all the options open to you.


It's time for you to be happy - : Love the Life You Live!

I get where you’re coming from…

Today I honestly live my dream life, on a tropical island, surrounded by my husband, our two kids and great friends, doing what I love. For the last two years whenever anyone asks me how I am I get a huge grin on my face, and can’t help but answer “amazing, great, I’m so happy!”

Now, don’t hate me! It hasn’t always been this way for me, and in Life Reboot Camp I will share with you what got me to where I am, and what works for me to keep me on this incredible path of life.

I’m  42 and I’ve spent more than enough of those years being unhappy, in situations I don’t like, in jobs I hate, with people who bring me down

I’ve experienced post-natal depression, miscarriage and a couple of very dark periods that I never thought I’d get out of.

I have had to dig deep to get myself out of an emotionally abusive relationship where I nearly lost myself completely.

At one point I was broke, single, with a mortgage to pay, in a foreign country and wondering if this thing called life was actually worth it.

I have taken the risk of setting up a business, only to be forced to close it down and sell up my dream home in the process.

In the past 20-something years I’ve lived in 4 different countries (communicating in 3 different languages). I’ve sold 90% of my belongings and started over in a new country, twice, both times as a parent of young kids.

I have been hit on at work more times than I care to count. I have worked for someone involved in the Russian mafia and a self-confessed witch.

I have suffered self-doubt time and time again, and don’t get me started on the issues I’ve had with my body, hair and appearance.

I have moved back in with my parents, into my childhood home, with my husband and kids, twice as a grown adult.

I have had pretty much every job under the sun, not to mention my various roles of stay-at-home-mum, working mum and work-at-home mum in the 10+ years I’ve been parenting.

And I have been motivating, inspiring and guiding women in their parenting, relationships, careers, decision-making and lives since 2012.

Nothing makes me happier than helping women live their very best, happiest and most fulfilled lives.

My number 1 aim and objective with Life Reboot Camp is to do just that for you. BUT if you get to the end of the course and you feel it hasn’t helped you then I will happily refund you in full. You see I’m that certain about what I, and Life Reboot Camp, can do for you.

What have you got to lose? Take action today and start living a life that makes your heart sing (and other people a bit envious)!


(Launch offer ends Sunday 25th February!)

Here’s to a happy, fulfilled YOU lovely 🙂

Big love,
Sophie xx





Life Reboot Camp is designed and led by Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Psychologies Magazine Ambassador, Sophie Le Brozec.

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