Everything I offer is designed to help you love the life you live, and through me you get to give back too because a percentage of the profits for every product here goes to one of several charities. If you’d like your contribution to go to one in particular just drop me a line and let me know which one.

FREE video masterclass on how to make decisions and face the accompanying fears

(Week-long masterclass starts on Monday 23rd October 2017)

This free masterclass takes you by the hand from the realisation you’ve got a big decision to make or from your mid-life existential crisis through the whole process of decision-making. It won’t make the decision for you, nor is it a magic wand to wave away all the pain of making hard decisions.

Instead it is a week-long, 3 video masterclass that teaches you how to make up your own mind in tricky situations. Learn to deal with and face the fears that come from making tough decisions. And breathe…. as the weight of decision-making is lifted from your shoulders.


Love Your Life online private membership club

Membership of this 24/7 private online community of LYL-ers (pronounced Lilas) provides you with a safe place you can ask questions, share wins, rant, brag and more. In addition you gain access to a totally anonymous forum where you can ask your most private, embarrassing or sensitive questions in utter secrecy. This is somewhere for you to share those fears and worries that keep you awake at 3am but that you daren’t tell anyone.


Fun and French online French training course

Want the possibility to live abroad or looking for easier travel? Take my 12 week online French training course and learn the equivalent of years’ worth of French through this fun online training course. I am English and have been learning foreign languages for 30 years and teaching them for 20 years. I am passionate about language learning and have studied 6 languages over the past 30 years, including a degree in French and Spanish.


Fun and English online English training course (for French-speakers)

This is the English equivalent of my French course. Maybe you have French friends who are looking to learn English, then this course is for them. As mentioned above I have been teaching languages for over 20 years and have two separate fun online English courses; a version for adults and a version for children.



“Elodie and the Pirates / Elodie et les Pirates” bilingual children’s book

Whether you are looking for a fun story to help your child learn French or whether you are a bilingual family looking for a book that you can read in either language with your child you won’t be disappointed with Elodie and the Pirates. The book is available on Amazon worldwide as an e-book or paper book, is accompanied by an audio book and comes with a parents’ and teachers’ guide.



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What Should I Do?

  • Got a tough decision to make?
  • Having a bit of a mid-life crisis and don't know which path to take?

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