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Public Speaking

Years of teaching English in businesses and presenting my own work in corporate environments, in English and in French, mean that transferring my written word and ideas to a talk or an event is smooth and effortless.

You need someone to:

  • address your employees on balancing parenthood and their career
  • help parents with ways to wave goodbye to Shouty Mummy Syndrome
  • talk to your members about the power of gratitude and visualisation for getting the life you love
  • give advice on how to make big decisions or how to face fears with students
  • share experiences of writing and story-telling with pupils (I am the author of bilingual children’s book Elodie and the Pirates / Elodie et les Pirates)

Sound familiar? These talks, and more, are currently on offer in Mauritius. Get in touch to discuss availability:

Some recent events

Accenture Mauritius – Managing Parenthood and my Career

I was invited to talk to parents working at Accenture in Mauritius on the subject “Managing Parenthood and my Career”. My talk was brilliantly received – I was even stopped in public a few months later by an employee who had been there and who it had had a big impact on.

“Sophie came to Accenture Mauritius to give a talk on ‘Managing Parenthood and my Career’. She talked to around 100 employees on the subject and we got great feedback after the event. We would love to work with Sophie again.”

Yashmee Dewoo Issur, Field Human Resources Lead at Accenture Mauritius

Talk on Managing Parenthood and my Career : l Love the Life You Live!
Talking to Accenture employees about “Managing Parenthood and my Career”

Le Bocage International School, Mauritius – Story-telling

I was invited to talk to a group of 11 and 12 year old pupils at this international secondary school. The subject was story-telling: how to tell a good story, how to write a good story and my writing process. The kids loved hearing my explanations of how I write (in my head whilst walking before hurrying home to type it all up!), and had some great suggestions for future story ideas, it was so lovely to watch. Within a week I had received stories from the whole class that they had written following my talk and wanted to share with me.

“Sophie came to our school to talk to the 11 and 12 year olds about story-telling and her writing process. The kids were totally wrapped up in what Sophie was sharing and couldn’t wait to try their hand at writing their own stories afterwards. It was great to watch Sophie’s own story come to life as she told it to the class.”

Sharon Gibbons, MYP Transition Coordinator, Le Bocage International School

Public Speaking Event – How to Get the Life you Love

Get the life you love event : l Love the Life You Live!
How to get the life you love event on the beach in Mauritius

This event took place in the middle of the Mauritian wildlife, and I addressed a group of mums on the subject of “How to get the life you love”, covering parenthood, relationships, work, decisions, fears and more. I got rave reviews from numerous women who were there:

“Sophie is an energising and informative speaker.  She made me stop and think about my life and give it a different perspective.  Sophie gave me further tools to make my life a happier experience.”

Tamara, Director – Borwood International and mum of two


“Going to hear Sophie speak was one of the best things I have done – she has completely changed my outlook on life for the better. Thank you Sophie for helping me to love the life I live!”

Sophie, Operations Assistant and fur mama

Guest blog posts, podcasts or videos

I first started blogging in 2007 and in that time have written blog posts for 6 different blogs. If you would like me to provide guest blog content for you then please email me with further information:

If would like to feature me or interview me on your podcast or in your video again please contact me with more information:

One-on-one sessions

My Love Your Life Club was created so that I could help as many women as possible to learn to love their life, and I very rarely offer any one-on-one sessions. However if you have something that you feel can only be addressed by working directly with me, then please drop me a line to discuss this further:

Please note that my one-on-one rates are far higher than my membership subscription or my public speaking fees.

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