Since my youngest daughter’s 1st birthday I have written an open letter to both our daughters on their birthdays over on my (now retired) parenting blog, Franglaise Mummy. This kind of blog post doesn’t really fit in here, but I couldn’t not continue the trend, so here is my open letter to my daughter on her 5th birthday. (You can read my other birthday open letters to her here: 1st birthday, 2nd birthday, 3rd birthday, 4th birthday.)

Dear Clémence,

We have just finished celebrating your 5th birthday and I’m still pinching myself as it seems like only yesterday that the midwife placed this tiny bundle into my arms. 5 years old seems so grown up – you’ll be starting primary school in Year 1 in January, and I really can’t pretend that you’re a baby anymore. Although you will always be my baby.

After we had your big sister, Léna, I wasn’t actually that fussed about having another baby. We were so happy, just the three of us – Léna, Daddy and me – that I couldn’t imagine another person bringing anything more to our relationship or to our family. But we didn’t want Léna to be an only child, as she was DESPERATE for a baby brother or sister (with a strong preference for a sister!), and that’s how you came about.

5 year old daughter : an open letter - l Love the Life You Live!

If there had ever been any doubt about there being enough love in our family to stretch to a 4th person, you soon put that to rest. We couldn’t help but fall in love with you – not only were you gorgeous from the get-go, but such a funny and fun personality too.

You’ve been our clown for as long as I can remember. But more than that, you have limitless love to give. You constantly tell us you love us. You constantly feel the need to stop what you’re doing to come and give us a kiss or a cuddle.

You make us laugh and you make us love so much.

Your laugh is infectious – somewhere along the way you have developed a laugh like a goat, which cracks us all up! Not to mention that you are a farting machine when you are tickled, which makes absolutely everyone laugh every time they witness it 😉

As you get older I find that I miss you more when we are apart – we have such great conversations now, great snuggles on your bed as I read you your bedtime story, and yes, you make me laugh and give the best cuddles ever.

You seem to have been waiting forever to be 5. Now we live in Mauritius and the school year runs from January to December you are one of the youngest in your class, and waiting your turn to be 5 has been a real test of patience for you. You have loved counting down the sleeps, and you were priceless when you woke up on your birthday, indignant that your friends weren’t already there to celebrate with you. At 6am.

You have just a few weeks left at pre-school before everything gets real and you hit primary school, but you can’t wait to do what your big sister is doing. Including getting the school bus there and back.

I admit to feeling a bit of a wobble at the idea. Time is whizzing by too fast. Whilst I love seeing you and Léna turn into these incredible people, I want to soak up every single minute, to sear it into my brain and to just stop time for a little while to enjoy it while I still can.

Thank you for being such a great little sister.

Thank you for being such an incredible daughter.

Thank you for being you.

I love you more than words can ever express and more than my hugs and kisses can ever demonstrate.

Happy 5th Birthday Clémence!

Lots of love,

Newborn vs 5 year old daughter : an open letter - l Love the Life You Live!
Then and Now : a few hours old on the left and 5 years old on the right.

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