Blame in Relationships – YOU are to blame

OUCH! that was a wake up, shake up title. But let’s just dissect that lovely ladies before you get defensive and reach for the pitch forks. You are the one to blame in your relationship; not every time, not all of the time but definitely some of the time. You are not whiter than white. But you are to blame along with your partner.

This is a bit of a controversial one, but if you are having arguments in your relationship (or any relationship) then this one is a must for you.

Phew, how are you feeling now lovely?

Has a memory popped into your head?

That time you misunderstood a family member and bit their head off or sulked for the rest of the day.

That time you just couldn’t see something from the other person’s point of view.

The time your other half told you you were wrong to scold the kids or react to a family member or friend in a certain way.

Hell, what about the age old ‘leave the f-ing toilet seat down’ rant? Who made you queen of all that is righteous? So you have no annoying habits, right?

In this video I share my 1 minute top tip on why you are to blame in your relationship.

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What tips do you have for dealing with arguments in relationships? Do you have any examples of when you had an epiphany that YOU were in fact to blame that you don’t mind sharing? If so do share in the comments below.

Big love,
Sophie xx

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Blame in Relationships – YOU are to blame

Blame in Relationships - My 1 minute top tip video on why you are to blame and what to do about it. #relationships #blame #arguments #couples #lifecoach #toptip

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