The secret to a long and happy marriage?

Wedding couple : www.SophieLeBrozec.com l Love the Life You Live!

And the secret to a happy marriage is… My parents have just celebrated their golden wedding anniversary – 50 years of happy marriage. That’s pretty bloody amazing, so how do / did they make it work? If you ask them what the secret was to a long and happy marriage, they would probably shrug their […]

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Blame in Relationships – YOU are to blame

Blame in Relationships

Blame in Relationships – YOU are to blame OUCH! that was a wake up, shake up title. But let’s just dissect that lovely ladies before you get defensive and reach for the pitch forks. You are the one to blame in your relationship; not every time, not all of the time but definitely some of […]

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Family time back in Blighty (The Week That Was)

I’ve been back in the UK for nearly a week now and I can safely say I am not coping with the cold. It is FREEZING here! But I am having a lovely time with my family (faces blurred in the family pics to protect the innocent!) which does make up for the arctic-like temperatures. […]

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Dealing with overwhelm – how to let things go

dealing with overwhelm

This is specifically for mums dealing with overwhelm but the advice remains the same if you’re not an overwhelmed mom / mamma / mum / regular plate spinner! The Overwhelm Effect Are you an overwhelmed mum, juggling a ridiculous number of balls? Do you sometimes feel like you can’t breathe with the pressure of getting […]

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How to deal with toxic people; choose your reaction

How to deal with toxic people

Pause for a moment and think, do you have toxic people in your life? Do you find yourself exhausted after spending time with certain people? If you have to spend time with someone who says or does things that make you feel bad, how do you deal with them? How do you cope with family […]

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Getting Headspace (The Week That Was)

After a busy few months in my business and a hectic few weeks in my social life I’ve definitely been feeling the need to turn inwards recently. First of all I launched and created an all new course, Self First, with Marie Houlden. It was the first time I co-created a course and I have […]

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