We got rescue kittens (The Week That Was)

Today’s weekly update is late because WE GOT RESCUE KITTENS!!! And that has been pretty much all I can think about in the last day or so. I got my first cat when I was 15 and my parents finally gave in to our demands for pets and got us two rescue kittens. A few […]

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The mother-daughter relationship and Mothers Day celebrations

Lets talk about the mother-daughter relationship. This coming Sunday is Mothers Day in Mauritius and in France, and it’s the day our family celebrates my mum, my mother-in-law and me. I know it is nowhere near Mothers Day in the UK (where my mum lives) but it’s easier for me to just have one date […]


I hate my face, body and skin…sound familiar?

I hate my face or I love my my face, we can choose to listen to news and social media or not

How can someone turn that statement ‘I hate my face, body and skin‘ into love ‘I LOVE my face, body and skin‘? Is it even possible? What can you do when you don’t love how you look? In a world of social media and images that are Photoshopped beyond recognition it is hard to love the […]


Crazy Full Moon (The Week That Was)

Crazy full moon

Wow, that was a weird week! I never used to be into woo-woo and didn’t think much when people would talk about stuff happening on a full moon, but now I get it. In case you missed it, there was a full moon on Saturday night, with quite strong energy, and it massively affected me […]

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3 ways to find out if your relationship is over

Do you feel sad at the thought of your relationship? Maybe you have no feelings towards your other half, or only negative ones? Do you struggle to envision a future with your partner? Do you spend your days asking yourself if your marriage is over? You are far from alone in this lovely. I work […]

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Sociable Sophie (The Week That Was)

Dream night out in Mauritius

Last week was an incredibly sociable one. These days I try and get a nice balance of time out and days / evenings spent holed up in my cave. I used to be the world’s biggest extrovert but now I need so much more time on my own to compensate for the time spent with others. Do you find that too??


Can you balance your career and motherhood?

Should you balance your career and motherhood? Life Reboot Camp Blog Post #motherhood #career #balancingmotherhood #selfcare

When you leave school or university you probably have some kind of an idea of jobs you’d like to do or could do. You likely work in a domain for a few years and climb the career ladder. Then you decide to have kids and often everything falls apart. Suddenly the idea of career and […]

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