Why You Need a Holiday Without Your Kids

Why You Need a Child-Free Holiday: www.SophieLeBrozec.com l Love the Life You Live

My eldest daughter was 2 years and 1 month old when my husband and I left her for 2 weeks to go on holiday. I nearly didn’t go. I fought my husband on the decision to go the whole way. He was the one who suggested it and said we needed it. He’s French you […]


Proud of my 40 year old body

Proud of my 40 year old body

This blog post was originally published on my parenting blog, Franglaise Mummy, on 21st June 2016. When I originally decided to blog about my 40 year old body the title that came to mind was “Coming to terms with my 40 year old body”, but the more I thought about it the more I hated the whole […]

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