Last week was mostly about prepping for this week as tomorrow I am leaving Mauritius and heading to the UK for a 3 week trip. Without Ben and the girls! That’s right I’m leaving Ben to solo parent a 12 year old and a 6 year old for 21 sleeps, which includes school holidays, term-time and home schooling, not to mention the juggle of running his business alongside it all plus dealing with the 2 dogs and 2 new rescue kittens too.

He is a star, but equally I did the same in July last year when he went back to Europe for 3 weeks without us. Let’s see who managed the best afterwards!

What it did make me realise though is how far we’ve all come. Just 6 months ago I don’t think I could have done this. I would have been too controlling and he would have been too freaked out. But I have been doing (and re-doing) my Life Reboot Camp programme this year, to get us all to a happier, more balanced state of affairs. And whilst things aren’t perfect (because that state doesn’t actually exist) they’re pretty bloody good.

I have left him a very short list of instructions (basically what days PE and library are, and what the after school activities are) and I think he’s going to do really well. Plus the girls are under strict instructions to be really well-behaved if they want me to spend their pocket money for them in Claire’s Accessories / on Lego Friends in the UK!

Would you / could you leave your kids for this length of time? The longest I’ve ever left Léna is 2 weeks, and the longest I’ve ever left Clémence is 10 days. I’m super excited but really sad at the same time.

I have got the most incredible trip to the UK planned – I’m seeing family, I’m seeing friends, but I’m mainly going back for business as I’m running my first Life Reboot Camp retreat. I’m also giving talks, going to networking events, attending talks from incredible people, and generally doing all the business-y things I can’t do here in Mauritius.

Cereal and Sex And The City

Last Monday evening I ran a live workshop for the women in my Life Reboot Camp. We have a monthly online workshop on different topics, depending on what has been requested. This month it was about dealing with our mums, our relationships with them (which can be complicated), not becoming like them (if we don’t want to) and lots more. It was fabulous, but I ran it at a time to suit those who wanted to join live which meant I missed dinner with Ben and the girls.

However I will always find a positive in a negative, and I grabbed myself a bowl of cereal and settled down to watch some old Sex and the City episodes, which felt so great. Sometimes it’s the simple things that can make us happy 🙂

In my happy place – feet up, eating comfort food and watching SATC

Business Networking in glorious places

On Tuesday I left the house at 6.15am to avoid the traffic (no biggie as I’m up at 5am most mornings) and drove 1 hour 15 minutes to go to a Business Networking meeting with the great Mauritius Business Network. You might think I’m crazy but I love these events, and get so much out of them, so it’s well worth me making the effort. Plus, how amazing is this view of the Beach House where the meeting took place??

The view one way…
The view the other way
Proof that I was actually there!

I got to meet up with friends, clients and partners at the meeting, then squeezed in a meet-up afterwards too.

On Thursday I went to another Mauritius Business Networking event, this time much closer to home in a more forest-y location at the beautiful Vanilla Village. This time round I gave the educational talk and shared the importance of not letting strangers get to us. I talked about how to avoid getting stressed when shop assistants are rude to us or when drivers cut us up.

Getting very into my talk!

How to be happy…no matter what sh!t life throws at you

There was a lot of book writing and editing going on last week and now my book is with its first readers! So far the feedback has been great, with one reader getting through it in 24 hours as she couldn’t put it down. How to be happy comes out later this month, so you’ll be able to see for yourself! I’m feeling a bit nervous as I open myself up and share my very vulnerable underbelly in it, but my Life Reboot Campers have been cheering me on, as they tell me my message is important for women to hear / read.

Make sure you don’t miss when my book comes out, jump on my mailing list here to find out all the details, including the reduced early bird book price!

When your 6 year old cuts her hair…

The girls and I were all due a hair cut, and my roots BADLY needed doing, when Clémence decided to take matters into her own hands and cut her fringe.

Fortunately she did a far better job than her sister at a similar age, who decided to cut a fringe in, starting from the back of her head, and it looked AWFUL! Clémence’s didn’t actually look that bad, but we got it tidied up at the hairdresser’s on Saturday, and she got her first proper fringe. Is it me or does she look much older in this picture?!? Where’s my baby going?

Getting her fringe cut properly!
Looking so much better after a professional cut 🙂
Very happy with my much better-looking hair cut and colour, all ready for the UK!

Other than that last week was about having some quality family time (snuggles on the sofa) and making sure I had enough downtime, in preparation for being full-on in the UK for 3 weeks. Yesterday I lazed by the pool for a few hours, finished reading my book (It’s the thought that counts by David R. Hamilton, which was really interesting) and started a new book (City of Girls by Elizabeth Gilbert, which is great so far).

Now it’s time to get packing, have some final snuggles with Ben and the girls, then head off to the airport and the UK tomorrow!

I hope you have an absolutely fab week!

Big love,
Sophie xx

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