Weekly journal

Family time back in Blighty (The Week That Was)

I’ve been back in the UK for nearly a week now and I can safely say I am not coping with the cold. It is FREEZING here! But I am having a lovely time with my family (faces blurred in the family pics to protect the innocent!) which does make up for the arctic-like temperatures. […]

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Getting Headspace (The Week That Was)

After a busy few months in my business and a hectic few weeks in my social life I’ve definitely been feeling the need to turn inwards recently. First of all I launched and created an all new course, Self First, with Marie Houlden. It was the first time I co-created a course and I have […]

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We got rescue kittens (The Week That Was)

Today’s weekly update is late because WE GOT RESCUE KITTENS!!! And that has been pretty much all I can think about in the last day or so. I got my first cat when I was 15 and my parents finally gave in to our demands for pets and got us two rescue kittens. A few […]

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Crazy Full Moon (The Week That Was)

Crazy full moon

Wow, that was a weird week! I never used to be into woo-woo and didn’t think much when people would talk about stuff happening on a full moon, but now I get it. In case you missed it, there was a full moon on Saturday night, with quite strong energy, and it massively affected me […]

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Sociable Sophie (The Week That Was)

Dream night out in Mauritius

Last week was an incredibly sociable one. These days I try and get a nice balance of time out and days / evenings spent holed up in my cave. I used to be the world’s biggest extrovert but now I need so much more time on my own to compensate for the time spent with others. Do you find that too??


Social Media or Suicidal Media? (The Week That Was)

It is surely no coincidence that every time I type “social media” into my phone it autocorrects to “suicidal media”? I have had a love-hate relationship with social media for the longest time and have walked away from Facebook, Instagram et al many times over the last 5 years, including for a 3 month period […]