Giving Back

This is where YOU get to make a change.

Because with every product you purchase you support those in need.

Charity and giving back is an integral part of who I am. It is physically impossible for me to do nothing.

As a 15 year old I slept rough for the night to raise money for a homeless charity – a horrible experience that I wouldn’t wish on anyone.

As a 17 year old I abseiled from a 43 metre (140 foot) building, screaming the whole way down as I was terrified, to raise money for Scope.

2010 saw me completing my first (and only!) 5K run in Battersea Park, to raise money for the Stroke Association.

2013 was the year my mum, Léna and I (with 6 month old Clémence on my back) completed Cancer Research UK’s Race for Life.

Race for Life : www.SophieLeBrozec.com l Love the Life You Live!
3 generations raced for life to raise money for Cancer Research UK

In 2013 I was shocked and appalled to see what was going on in Syria. A friend of mine was organising a local “Big Aid Drop for Syria” for the charity Hand in hand for Syria. I raised awareness of this on my old parenting blog, Franglaise Mummy, and took Léna and Clémence with me to go and help out.

2014 saw me getting involved with Comic Relief / Sport Relief for the first time. This was the year that I walked 15 miles around London, on my birthday, covering each section of the Monopoly board, wearing a onesie, top hat and a moustache to raise money.

Sport Relief fundraising : www.SophieLeBrozec.com l Love the Life You Live!
Raising funds for Sport Relief in 2014 with Franglaise Mummy and a group of parent bloggers – Team Honk

The fundraising for Comic Relief in 2015 was even harder – I participated in a 6 hour Danceathon at Wembley Arena. I love to dance but have zero coordination and two left feet. It was also filmed, cue much humiliation.

In 2016 I was in Mauritius and was certain I wouldn’t be able to join in the fundraising effort for Sport Relief, but I was wrong! Team Honk who organises bloggers into fundraising for Comic Relief and Sport Relief had an idea for this to work internationally.

Despite only arriving on the island 4 months previously I managed to rally together a group of 20 people for a 3 hour beach volleyball-athon! It was pretty full on as we were playing in 35°C (95°F) heat and 90% humidity, but we kept going for 3 hours, raising £2,000 ($2,500) in just a week of fundraising.

Sponsored beach volleyball-athon for Sport Relief : www.SophieLeBrozec.com l Love the Life You Live!
Some of our beach volleyball-athon team

When I arrived in Mauritius I knew I wanted to do something to give back to this beautiful island, with its incredible people. I was put in touch with a local NGO, Le Pont du Tamarinier, who specialises in the social housing of families living in poverty in the west of the island, as well as helping them with activities for children, adult literacy and finding jobs or creating businesses.

Since early 2016 I have been working with this NGO in various different areas:

  • to raise funds to enable a group of local women to start their own business
  • by sponsoring a family to make their life a little bit easier
  • by organising local markets for the women to sell the crafts they have made

My strong belief is that it is our duty to give back, and to teach our children to do the same. Both by giving our time and our money.

This is why it is so important to me that a portion of the profit of every product you purchase is used to help those in need.

I am proud to support these local and international charities through your purchases:

  1. Le Pont du Tamarinier – a small Mauritian NGO that helps people living in poverty in the west of Mauritius.
  2. PAWS – a Mauritian community driven animal welfare organisation that aims to improve the lives of companion animals in Mauritius and assist in humanely managing the population of dogs and cats via education and sterilisation.
  3. Oxfam – an international organisation whose purpose is to help create lasting solutions to the injustice of poverty. They are part of a global movement for change, empowering people to create a future that is secure, just, and free from poverty.

Every time you pay me for a product or a service you are contributing to one of these charities; if you have a preference please don’t hesitate to contact me with which one you would prefer to help.

Thank you so much for your contribution to making a lasting change in our world 🙂

Big love,
Sophie xx


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