Wow, that was a weird week! I never used to be into woo-woo and didn’t think much when people would talk about stuff happening on a full moon, but now I get it. In case you missed it, there was a full moon on Saturday night, with quite strong energy, and it massively affected me and quite a few people I know too. Did you find yourself feeling or acting weird in the few days before the weekend / at the weekend?

I don’t mean howling at the moon or things like that, more like feeling sad or upset for no reason. Having arguments or feeling unusually negative. Noticing extreme tiredness or a heavy feeling. Wanting more love, cuddles or reassurance. Did you feel any of that?

For me it was an unbearable feeling of heaviness and fatigue, and it really hit me on Thursday, two days before the full moon. I had this awful feeling that I couldn’t shake, no matter what I did. I had to stop working as I was making constant mistakes, so I tried to watch some upbeat documentaries, something that normally works a treat for me, but nada, zilch. I couldn’t shake this feeling.

On top of it I felt so restless but also bone tired. I couldn’t settle my mind to anything, not even reading an easy chick-lit book. And the tiredness was like nothing I’ve ever experienced before – not an “I haven’t slept enough tiredness” but something so much harder. Like my soul was tired, like every single particle of my body was exhausted. It was so weird. And not very nice I have to say.

Luckily I had a call lined up with Marie Houlden the next day and she helped me loads as we talked through where this might all be coming from, and we did some work together on clearing the crap.

But it wasn’t just me feeling weird. Léna was feeling inexplicably sad and exhausted for several days at the end of last week, and Clémence was more tearful and demanding of cuddles than usual too.

Did you and yours feel the effects of this full moon? Or do you think it’s a load of old rubbish?

Crazy full moon
The full moon as seen from our bedroom balcony. Beautiful but sent us all a bit mad!

Apart from the craziness of the full moon, what else did last week have in store for me….??

Monday evening was another Game of Thrones night as we watched the penultimate episode at home with a friend, collectively going “WTF?!?”. I won’t say anything more than that in case you haven’t seen it, but wow, can’t wait to watch the last episode ever tonight!!

Live calls – sleep, social media and relationships

Tuesday was about live calls as I ran two for my group programmes – the first one was with my Career Deep Dive group, this is a splinter group of my Life Reboot Camp and is for women who want to go even deeper on their career / business. This week Lindsay of Health Up featured on the call and we talked about her sleep programme, which helps you fall asleep and stay asleep – and is something I’ve tried and tested and love! I also shared how I’m doing business without being on social media.

The second call was with the women in Self First and we were talking about all kinds of relationships. It was only supposed to be a 1 hour call but we uncovered so much stuff that it ended up over-running to an hour and a half. I always make sure I have some time free after my live group calls so if we need to go over the hour that we can. We never know what will come up when we start digging deep on emotions, feelings, problems and more, and I always said I would never be a clock-watcher for the women who work with me.

One of the key things that came up in that call, and that I share time and time again, is that you cannot change people. You can’t change what they say and do BUT you can choose your reaction. So if your husband doesn’t share his emotions it’s unlikely you’ll ever change that, but you can change how you react to that, and you can learn to not get triggered by him being closed to emotional conversations.

Do you struggle with some of the relationships in your life? Have you tried applying this tactic before?

Car accident = gratitude

On Wednesday I got stuck in terrible traffic as I went to collect Clémence from her Drama class and take Léna to hers. It took me nearly an hour to drive roughly 15km as there had been a big accident and traffic was at a standstill.

As I turned the car around to head back home I told Léna that she wouldn’t be able to go to her Drama lesson, and she was really upset until I explained to her the importance of gratitude.

That I was grateful we:

  • were not involved in the car crash as it sounds like it was pretty nasty.
  • had a good friend who was able to bring Clémence home from school for me, so she wasn’t waiting for me for an hour or more there.

It’s interesting to see how the mindset work I do can change things on a day-to-day basis. Not so many years ago I would have been furious about this. Cursing everyone, saying things like “it’s just my luck!” and so on. Now I can feel gratitude and love. I can make the most of a bad situation and move on.

Do you have a gratitude practice? Does it help you when things go awry like this?

Celebrating a great local business

On Wednesday evening I went to the 1st anniversary celebrations of local women’s clothes boutique Somoa Stardust.

I have no photos to share as I was too busy having fun (this theme is becoming quite common!) but here is a beautiful dress that I got from there for my birthday earlier this year. I love it so much and feel like a million dollars when I wear it, I also get the largest amount of compliments whenever I wear it. Which has been a lot recently as I’ve been a social butterfly!

Couple on the beach in Mauritius

It was a great evening, catching up with some lovely friends I haven’t seen for a while, and looking at the beautiful clothes and accessories that they sell.

Overwhelm and kids’ tantrums

On Thursday, when I was feeling all heavy and tired with the moon, I did manage a 1 hour call with my VIP Life Reboot Campers (women who have upgraded from my standard Life Reboot Camp programme to my VIP Club). We talked about overwhelm and dealing with kids’ tantrums as one member shared her struggles getting everything done and dealing with one child’s meltdowns.

It was lovely to be able to help out, but also to provide a safe space for this person to share what she is struggling with, and also for all the members to help each other out with suggestions of things that have worked for them. This call gave me such a boost when I was feeling this funky full moon energy.

Do you struggle with your kids and tantrums? Would it help to get more information on how you can deal with this?

Winning at Book Week

This week it was book week at Clémence’s school and on Friday she had to dress up as a book character. I don’t know how you do book week / book day but my plan is always to spend as little time as humanly possible sorting out a costume.

For this one I pulled out Clémence’s dressing up box, got her to choose a princess dress (she went with a reversible Beauty and the Beast / Sleeping Beauty number), I did a quick sniff test and stain check (all ok) and we were good to go.

I know it’s wonderful to create a costume, and I will definitely do that when there are 36 hours in the day. Promise. Until then everything is done as quickly and simply as possible.

Do you create fabulous costumes for school? Or does it stress you out as it’s yet one more thing to do?

Girl dressed as Disney princess for book week
Clémence delighted with her book week costume #winning

Sleepover / date night

On Friday I had my call with Marie Houlden which set things back on the right track and I felt soooooo much better. Which was just as well because we had a double sleepover at our house planned that evening. And I’m certain it went so well as I’d spent some time working on ME beforehand. All 4 girls behaved like angels and Ben and I managed to have a cheeky, impromptu date night as the girls ate quickly then took themselves off to their respective bedrooms / play areas to play.

Ben and I enjoyed a glass of red wine, listened to some Dire Straits and talked about music as we ate the delicious pulled pork he’d had cooking in the slow cooker all day. It was pretty much perfection.

When was your last date night? As you can see, it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy.

Time for my girls

On Saturday it was all about my girls – I took both of mine and their sleepover buddies to a local beach as Clémence had homework that required drawing and describing sea creatures / plants. As she set about gathering seaweed and shells to draw Léna rekindled her love for the “climbing tree” at the beach. And I realised just how long it’s been since we last went to this beach, which is only a short drive from our house.

It was a bit of a wake-up call as it’s one of my favourite beaches, yet we haven’t been there for ages. Definitely something to do more frequently in the future!

Is there somewhere local to you that you love but never get round to visiting?

A fisherman in Mauritius
A lone fisherman that I saw at the beach on Saturday morning.
Tamarin beach with its mountain view
I never tire of looking at this beautiful mountain on Tamarin beach.
Girl in a tree on the beach
Léna in one of her favourite places in the world – up a tree that she has climbed!

After the beach it was time for a quick lunch before going to a birthday party with Clémence, where she had a ball and I caught up with some mummy friends.

First it was 40, now it’s 50

Last weekend we were celebrating a friend’s 40th birthday and this weekend it was another friend’s 50th birthday that we partied for on Saturday night. It was such a great evening that I have no photographic proof of it. My phone stayed in my bag all night and I had the best time catching up with good friends, eating, drinking and dancing. There were some beautiful (and funny) speeches too that made me regret not wearing waterproof mascara. I certainly felt all the gratitude for the wonderful friends that we have here on this bit of rock in the middle of the ocean.

If you don’t share photos on social media do you find yourself taking fewer pics? I’m certainly finding this happening to me. Which is good and bad in equal measures…

Then it was time for ME

After working during the week, spending time on my relationship, on my girls and on my friends on Friday and Saturday, yesterday (Sunday) was all about ME! I lazed in bed. Then I lazed by the pool. Then when it started raining I lazed indoors. I read this month’s Psychologies magazine. I read a bit of my chick lit book. I did a full moon meditation (thank you Marie Houlden!). I had a nap. And I did manage one thing for people other than me.

I baked some homemade sourdough bread. And it was to die for!

Homemade sourdough bread
My amazing homemade sourdough bread.

I LOVE carbs. Especially bread. And in 2006 I discovered how to make my own sourdough bread as a neighbour at the time gave me a sourdough starter to get me going. But when we left France it died and I struggled to make bread again. Until 2014 when Mel from Le Coin de Mel told me about her incredibly easy crusty bread recipe, which I then started making several times a week, and which I have shared with more people than I can count.

I was happy just making that recipe until April of last year when my very good friend Esta (AKA TheCrunchyCat on Instagram) came to visit us in Mauritius and brought her sourdough starter with her, and a load of recipes. I have stuck to the super simple, basic sourdough bread recipe she gave me because it makes this incredibly delicious loaf which I make most weeks for the family.

If you like homemade bread / want to start making homemade bread then definitely check out Mel’s recipe and Esta’s instagram account.

When was the last time you took a day just for YOU?

For those in the UK…

Last week I booked my flight back to the UK for June, which was a big decision as I’m going alone. Ben is going to solo parent our girls for 3 weeks while I’m gone and I will try and cope with being apart from them for the longest time ever since they were born!

There are loads of reasons why I’m going back solo but basically it’s because I’m going back mainly for work, and the logistics of taking the girls was getting crazy + they were in the UK / France for 6 weeks just 5 months ago, and neither of them felt a desperate need to go back again.

While I am back I will be doing a fair amount of work. I am running a weekend retreat for my Life Reboot Campers, I am being interviewed on a Mummy podcast and I am giving a talk to a group of mums.

Sooooooooo I’ve got two questions / pieces of information for you if you are in the UK:

Podcasts / interviews / talks

While I am in the UK I am looking to be interviewed on podcasts or other similar media AND I am looking to give some free talks. I LOVE sharing my message, helping others and giving back. As I won’t have the girls with me when I’m in the UK I want to give back as and when I can.

Feel free to share this message with people you know who might be interested and do get in touch ( if you have a suggestion for podcasts / people for me to talk to / events or groups for me to give talks. I will be available in the southeast of England (Berkshire, London, Brighton) from the 12th June until the 27th June.

I can talk about:

  • expat living and advice about moving abroad
  • working out what your dream life / job is and getting it
  • making sure that YOU doesn’t get lost amongst wife / mum
  • getting the best out of your relationship
  • Overwhelm
  • Mummy guilt
  • A million other subjects!

Get in touch to find out more.

Weekend retreat in the midlands

I will be running a “free” weekend retreat at Lower Micklin Farm near Alton Towers the 28-30 June and there are 1-2 spaces available due to cancellations.

The retreat is for members of my Life Reboot Camp only (you can join here from just £45 / month for 10 months) and is “free” because you just pay accommodation and food, you don’t pay for me. Accommodation is £150 for the weekend and we will be eating in so food should be pretty reasonable. You will get access to me all weekend so you can pick my brains. There will be group sessions, some EFT and energy work with Marie Houlden, eating, walking, quiet time, noisy time. It’s a time to relax, unwind and fill up your cup with some incredibly wonderful women.

If you are interested in the retreat please message me here for more information / to check there are still places:

So that was the week that was. How was your week? Did the full moon affect you?

If you’ve enjoyed reading this do share in the comments below, I love to get feedback 🙂

Have a fabulous week lovely!

Big love,
Sophie xx

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