Decision-making and listening to your gut, simple right? Hell no, and that’s why you’re here right?

Do you struggle to make decisions? Are you crippled with fear of the outcome? Do you make endless lists of pros and cons?

If so check out my 1 minute top tip video as I give you some important advice (from the beach in Mauritius!) on decision-making. From deciding to jack in a great job to set up my first business, from leaving the beauty of the French Riviera to be homeless and jobless in my parents’ spare room in the UK, from giving up a great job in digital marketing in London to retrain as a childminder, from leaving the safety of London to move to the complete unknown of Mauritius, I’ve made my fair share of big decisions.

So have a watch and see how easy decision-making can be…

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If you’re ready to go a step further and want some in-depth help with your decision-making and facing your fears, then check out my Life Reboot Camp, this is a paid programme and we go deep into decision-making in Module 6 of the course.

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