Got a question about Sophie or this website? Have a hunt through here and if you don’t find your answer then email your question over: support@sophielebrozec.com

Can I join your Life Reboot Camp if I don’t have a Facebook account?

You absolutely can. The only downside is you will miss out on the community which is via a Facebook group. You could create a Facebook account just for that, it can be completely empty, with a different name and you will still be able to join the group (just let me know which account is yours).

What do I do if I don’t have a PayPal account?

Depending on what country you are in we may be able to find an alternative solution, so drop me a line and we’ll see what we can do: support@sophielebrozec.com

Do I have to be a mum to join your Life Reboot Camp?

No you don’t. There are mums, non-mums, women in relationships and single women. There is something for all women.

Do I have to be in a certain time zone to make the most of your Life Reboot Camp?

Not at all. I am in Mauritius (see my time zone here) which means I’m somewhere between Asia and Europe time-wise, and all the content – course, emails, community etc – is 24/7, and for any live calls I try and fit them around everyone’s availabilities.

How do I pay for your Life Reboot Camp?

You can pay once in full or over 3 monthly payments, or over 10 monthly payments. No matter how you pay you get lifetime access to the course and to the private Facebook group.

If I sign up to your Life Reboot Camp can I cancel if it’s not for me?

Absolutely! You get 30 days to try it out and you can request a full refund at any time in those first 30 days.

I want you to speak at an event, what should I do?

Email me at support@sophielebrozec.com with dates, times, location and any subject matter. I will get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

Are there any locations you are unable to talk at?

I live in Mauritius but travel around the world frequently. If I am in your location then it’s super simple. But if you are in London and I am in Mauritius, and you want me there, then it’s going to be at a certain cost 😉

Are you available for interviews or talks virtually (such as Skype)?

I am married to an IT whizkid and my family lives halfway across the world so I am very used to having virtual conversations. So this isn’t a problem for me.

Do you give talks for free?

It is very rare, but you can always ask 😉

I am from the Press / Media, can I interview you?

Yes. Just drop me a line at support@sophielebrozec.com

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