This French online training course is for you if:

  • you want to learn through fun
  • you are currently total beginner – pre-intermediate level in French
  • you want to quickly reach a level where you can communicate comfortably in French (both written and spoken)
  • you want to work in your own time at your own pace

My languages background

I am English and I have been learning foreign languages for 30 years and teaching them for 20 years. I am passionate about language learning and have studied 6 languages over the past 30 years, including a degree in French and Spanish, I am also currently learning a 7th language – Mauritian Creole as I now live in Mauritius.

Following my French and Spanish degree I moved to France, where I lived for 12 years, meeting and marrying a Frenchman, and I am now mum to 2 French/English daughters who my husband and I raise bilingually.

Having experienced how badly languages are generally taught at school, both in English and in French, I set about creating my own programme where language-learning is carried out through fun. So Fun and French was born (following on from Fun and English which is English lessons for French-speakers).

More about online language lessons

For years I taught languages face-to-face, but I was limited by time, geography and people’s availabilities. As the internet took off, became more powerful and in most people’s homes I made the decision to move all of my learning online.

There are huge advantages to learning online:

  • You learn in your own time and at your own pace.
  • You have the lessons for life so you can revisit, repeat or even start all over again as much as you want/need to.
  • You are not restricted to a specific time or place to learn. If you go on holiday or are ill you don’t have to miss a lesson (and therefore don’t lose out financially either).
  • Each course is sold per household/family, so you pay the same price no matter how many people in your home follow the course.
  • The cost per hour is substantially lower than for face-to-face lessons.


Woman smiling in testimonial photo“I have just finished Sophie’s Fun and French online course and the difference in my French is incredible. By Lesson Two (out of six) we had bypassed my school level. I know so much more know, I understand the grammar and I feel ready to put it into practice. Now I’ve finished the course I’m going to go back to the beginning and do it all again to reinforce everything. I happily recommend Sophie’s online language courses as I could work in my own time and at my own pace.”
Jaclyn Geils, Mauritius

What does this online programme entail?

  • The programme is in the form of a PDF lesson which you can access on your computer, tablet or phone. You download it and work on it in your own time. You will need internet access for some, but not all, of it.
  • It is for beginners – pre-intermediate level. You will start right at the beginning to make sure you have the basics, but you will quickly move on..
  • The programme covers reading, writing, listening and speaking, as well as grammar.
  • You get a new lesson delivered to your inbox every 2 weeks over a 12 week period.
  • Some people will manage to complete the lesson in 2 weeks, others may take 4 weeks or more. You go at your own pace and move on to the next lesson only when you are 100% sure of the vocabulary and grammar from the previous lesson.
  • There are 6 lessons in the programme.
  • Two x 30 minute one-on-one Skype lessons to cover any questions you might have and to provide conversational practice. These lessons can be taken at any time within 12 months of purchasing the course. Additional one-on-one sessions can be purchased separately.
  • Continual email support.

What does a lesson look like?

Each lesson has 7 parts and each lesson has the same structure. What changes is the vocabulary and grammar that you are learning:

  1. Listening and speaking: you will watch a video and have questions to answer about what has been said. Your answers should be spoken out loud so you practise pronunciation and speaking. To check if you have answered correctly, in the answers section there is a video with the answers being spoken and the video transcript.
  2. Listening and reading: you will watch a video of a song and you will have the lyrics to read. You will be given questions to answer (written answers this time) on the content of the song.
  3. Reading: you will be given a magazine article to read and questions on the content to answer (written answers).
  4. Writing: in each lesson you will write to a fictitious pen friend, you will be told what points you need to cover and any questions you need to ask. You will then send this letter/email to me to be corrected and returned to you.
  5. Vocabulary: you will have a crossword puzzle to do, using the vocabulary from that fortnight’s lesson.
  6. Reading and learning to recognise words: you will be given extracts of a bilingual children’s book to read (it is a children’s book but works well for learning techniques) and you will need to decipher the meaning of the words given to you on a list. This will help you to learn to recognise and understand new words, based on your existing knowledge of French.
  7. Grammar: you will cover a different area of grammar in each lesson, this will be clearly presented with exercises to check you have understood it.

The subject for each lesson

  1. Vocabulary: Introductions and questions (What’s your name? How are you? Where do you live? and more), with basic animal vocabulary (cat, dog etc)
    Grammar: Present Simple tense (translates “I do” as well as “I am doing”), including “let’s do/let’s go”, as well as pronunciation in general. Masculine and feminine are explained as well as the two forms of you (tu/vous).
  2. Vocabulary: Food and drink, shopping and restaurants, including colours, the body and clothing.
    Grammar: Perfect tense (translates “I ate” as well as “I have eaten”)
  3. Vocabulary: Where I’m from, my country, my nationality, where I’ve travelled to, my family (also includes countries of the world and nationalities).
    Grammar: Future Simple tense and going to (translates “I will watch” as well as “I am going to watch”)
  4. Vocabulary: Likes and dislikes talking about hobbies, sports, food, cinema, music, weather…
    Grammar: Imperfect tense (translates “I was doing” as well as “I used to do”).
  5. Vocabulary: Days, months, seasons, numbers, alphabet, spelling your name and negatives.
    Grammar: Conditional tense (translates “I would go”).
  6. Vocabulary: Directions, daily routine, linking words, possessives and prepositions.
    Grammar: Irregular verbs across all tenses

When will this programme start?

The programme is ongoing and you can join it any time.

How much does this programme cost?

When I used to teach English and French in France and in the UK I delivered my lessons face-to-face at a rate of $40 per hour.

This online programme gives you 25 hours of French lessons (6 lessons that take approximately 4 hours each and 1 hour of one-on-one sessions), which would normally cost a total of $1,000 (25 hours x $40).

However an online training programme allows for flexibility, and as I want to make sure these lessons are as affordable as possible they cost $247 (less than $10 an hour).

To make this even more affordable, this can be paid over 5 months at a rate of $55 per month.

Because I believe so much in my training programmes I also offer a 30 day money back guarantee. If you find that, for whatever reason, my programme doesn’t suit you then I will give you your money back in full within the first 30 days (so far I’ve had no requests for money back!).

What level can I expect to be at the end of the 3 months?

This all depends on how much you put into this. If you do the bare minimum and only do the basic levels of each exercise, don’t practise, don’t revise the vocabulary and the grammar, you will make some progress, but not a huge amount. HOWEVER if you push yourself and commit to doing 30-60 minutes work per day (or per week day), if you write the vocabulary down and learn it, if you practise the grammar, if you push yourself to speak in French whenever and wherever possible, the difference can be enormous. If you do the work you could be speaking and writing comfortably, and be able to understand the gist of what you hear and read by the end of the 3 months.

I can provide the tools but I can’t do the work for you…. If you put the work in, the sky’s the limit…!





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