I wasn’t going to say anything more about social media after my announcement on Monday to step away from it, but I have been inundated with #metoo kind of messages from others so here is a little bit more about it.

I have received tons of messages including these:

“Great decision. It’s where I am heading too.”

“Totally relate on the blog! It’s why I’m not on FB like I used to be.”

“I’m on soooooo the same page about suicide media. I’ve hardly been on fb (can go days/weeks without checking it)… and deleted Insta a week ago to concentrate on my novel.”

Then yesterday I listened to a podcast where they likened our use of social media and phones to the tobacco industry in the past, saying that in the future we will look back and be shocked at our behaviour.

Watch my short video here and then comment below…. Where do you stand when it comes to social media? Love it? Hate it? Indifferent? And where do you think the future of social media lies? Will it all self-combust?

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What do you think, time for a social media detox?

I’d love to know your thoughts; detox on certain social media platforms or walking away for good? I always look forward to reading your comments.

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