After a busy few months in my business and a hectic few weeks in my social life I’ve definitely been feeling the need to turn inwards recently. First of all I launched and created an all new course, Self First, with Marie Houlden. It was the first time I co-created a course and I have loved every minute, but it has taken up a lot of time and energy, as I’m sure you can imagine.

As if that wasn’t enough I decided to write a book simultaneously. I’ve been wanting to write a book for about 20 years and not got very far with it (i.e. nowhere), so I signed up to Leonie Dawson’s 40 days to a finished book course, which was the impetus I needed to get my arse in gear. I didn’t write my book in 40 days, but I did write 43,000 words in 20 days and in just over 2 months I have a pretty much finished book ready to put out into the world.

I’m now in the final finishing touches of the book and would love your input if you fancy having your say (I have already asked the women in my Life Reboot Camp but would love to hear from you too)…

The book is part memoir and part personal development. I take you on my journey over the past 20+ years as I experience an abusive relationship, a failed business, a miscarriage, a boss in handcuffs on the TV news, postnatal depression, moving from France to London then London to Mauritius, severe danger in childbirth and much more. Along the way I teach you what I learnt and share how you can adapt this to improve things in your own life, to be as happy as possible.

I would love your feedback on the following:

  1. The title
  2. The photo that will be the background on the book cover – it will be zoomed in on me, with text above and below
  3. The prologue

The title is…

How to be happy…no matter what sh!t life throws at you

Thoughts? Love it? Hate it? Can think of something better? Hit me with your honest opinion on this one! Feel free to message me or reply in the comments below (you can go anonymous if you want!)

Which photo do you prefer??








Lastly which prologue do you prefer?

Prologue 1 or Prologue 2

Again, feel free to share your honest thoughts on this…

How to be happy will be out on Amazon (paper book and Kindle) in June, to make sure you don’t miss out on the lower pre-order price jump on my mailing list, as that’s where I’ll be announcing it first!

So that is why I’ve been hibernating a bit recently, turning inwards, and spending time recharging my batteries.

Loving our kittens

This week has mostly been about falling head over heels in love with our new rescue kittens (which I talked about getting last week). They are quite simply adorable and I can’t get enough of them. What I am especially loving is seeing them go from the timid, terrified shaky balls of fur we first saw at the animal rescue centre, to the happy, playful, loving, confident kittens we have today, just one week later.

The only tricky bit is introducing the kittens to our rescue dogs and vice versa. It is a slow process but we are getting there. This is the only bit I find hard as it makes me very anxious.

Not too much kitty spam going on this week – but I am seriously loving having a cat on my lap again to watch TV 🙂

Discovering I enjoy running

When I was at school I had to run in PE lessons and in sports days. I hated it. I developed quickly and running in a shit bra with boobs this size was no joking matter! Although that was just part of it. I bloody hated running. Especially running in the cold and rain, in short skirts (I know!) in the UK.

I vowed I would never be a runner. Who would do that to themselves? Why do people put themselves through that? Then over the years I’ve dabbled in “running” (barely faster than a walk really) but never enjoyed anything other than the effects on my bum and thighs.

Last year I decided I wanted to really give it a go. I know it’s good for my physical and mental health and I LOVE the natural park near our house where I can run. So I set myself the goal in January 2018 to run 5km, without stopping, by the end of the year.

I didn’t quite make it but on 7th January 2019 (in the colder climes of winter in Europe) I finally ran my 5km non-stop. Since then I’ve run more or less 5km more or less once a week. And I finally have to admit to enjoying it.

I like the feeling of what my body can do.

I like how it allows my mind to completely wander.

Who’d have thought it?!?

It’s only taken me 30+ years from my first cross country running PE lessons to now to go from hating it to enjoying it 😉

What about you? Do you run? Do you love it or hate it?

Happy post-run on Wednesday last week

It’s New Moon time

I’ve really discovered the effects of the moon on me and my moods recently (see my recent post about going crazy during the full moon here) and now it’s time for the new moon to affect me. This weekend I was reading Ask and it is given by Esther and Jerry Hicks (full on woo-woo) and I had tons of big light bulb moments, revelations and “of course!” ahas.

It turns out I wasn’t alone as it’s a time for clarity, honesty with others and yourself and manifesting what you want to bring into your life.

I felt there was lots I still needed to deal with, and I got a sign I needed to go and walk to clear my head when our electricity was on and off this morning, making it tricky to work. So I headed out the door, with Tracy Chapman in my ears, a mix of the sun and rain on my face and walked.

I walked and walked for about an hour and a half. Soaking up the nature all around me and letting my mind wander wherever it needed to go. And I felt so much better for it.

Do you go for walks in nature to clear your head too? Can you feel the effects of the new moon on you at the moment?

On my walk in nature to clear my mind this morning

This is the same walk that I did last week with the lovely Jane Ferré who I met through Helen Pritchard’s LinkedIn Mastermind course last year. Jane is a fellow Brit who lives in the UK and helps professionals turn things around after redundancy, but she is married to a Mauritian so was over here, and I was delighted that we managed to catch up. Naturally we were too busy chatting to stop and take any photos 😉

I LOVE meeting online friends in real life and can’t wait to meet loads of them when I’m back in the UK later this month. (Ridiculously excited actually!)

Cheeky lunch with 3/4 of the family

After my morning’s walk Ben, Léna and I went out for a cheeky lunch just the three of us. As Léna is home schooled and Ben and I both work from home this is something we can do quite easily.

We popped out to a local restaurant and had the loveliest time talking about all sorts (light stuff like Chernobyl, World War II, the Cuban Missile Crisis!) and just enjoying some time together. Whilst I miss Baby Léna, Toddler Léna, Little Girl Léna and so on, I LOVE Tween Léna. She is so much fun to be around 🙂

Cheeky lunch selfie – can you tell I made a big effort with my hair?!?

And that is the week that was.

It’s been wonderful to take some downtime and look inwards to get happier and more fulfilled. Self-awareness is pretty bloody amazing!

Have a fantastic week lovely! Don’t forget to share your feedback on my book questions, either in the comments below (anonymously or not) or via email to

Big love,
Sophie xx

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