I get asked all the time what my everyday life is like in Mauritius. So welcome to my new vlog series Sophie: Raw and Unpolished.

I’ll be sharing the very unpolished, unscripted and messy odds and ends of my daily life here in Mauritius in weekly vlog episodes. Subscribe to my YouTube channel here so you don’t miss any of them.

In this first episode you can catch:

  • Hallowe’en Mauritian style
  • A public holiday on a public beach
  • Rainbows (but no unicorns!)
  • Karaoke night out
  • A Summer Market
  • A typical Saturday lunch with local beer and BBQ
  • A group dog walk in the sugar cane fields
  • A day trip to Port Louis with its material shops, its sights and its market.

A few notes:

The singers in karaoke night were friends except the last one, who was just this amazing singer who everyone cheered for as soon as she started singing – this video does her no justice!

The summer market was at Vanilla Village in Black River – a fab venue for breakfast or lunch, especially if you have kids.

The beer is called Flying Dodo and you can buy it in Bagatelle in Moka, and in lots of bars and supermarkets across the island too.

The recipe for the easy crusty bread can be found here (I do an even lazier version of this where I literally don’t even touch the bread!!)

The street for buying material in Port Louis is Corderie Street.

The building that the Queen Victoria statue is in front of is Government House.

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I’ll be back with more next week – until then don’t hesitate to comment on this week’s episode 🙂

Big love,
Sophie xx

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