Pause for a moment and think, do you have toxic people in your life? Do you find yourself exhausted after spending time with certain people? If you have to spend time with someone who says or does things that make you feel bad, how do you deal with them?

How do you cope with family members, friends of friends, people in your circle, school mums, neighbours who you can’t avoid and who wind you up?

What do you do about toxic friendships and relationships that you can’t end?

How can you possibly avoid being made to feel like shit?

Are you nodding whilst reading this, because if you are I want to teach you how to deal with toxic people; you choose your reaction.

Check out my one minute top tip in this video to help you keep your sanity when dealing with these types of people. (Excuse the wind and my “style”! I filmed it on the beach here in Mauritius in summer, so the sheeny face and frizzy hair is guaranteed 😉 If the wind is too noisy just read the subtitles.)

Do you struggle with toxic people in your life?

What works for you when it comes to dealing with how they make you feel? Please do share your comments below if you have any top tips that work for you.

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