So, how do you do the Miracle Morning routine when you’re sleep-deprived?

A few months ago I discovered the Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod and I started to apply it to my life, getting up at 5am every morning to improve my mood, mindset, quality of life, productivity and much more.

I have spoken about it quite a bit before and many of the women in my Life Reboot Camp do the Miracle Morning too.

What is a Miracle Morning?

It’s not a miracle in the sense that you wake to find a stack of gold bullion at the end of the bed, or your legs have grown by four inches overnight giving Julia Roberts a run for her money.

No! Miracle Morning is that time you gift yourself to do all the things you wished you could do throughout the day but never have time. Well now, you can make time. Whether you want to journal, or exercise or meditate or listen to an audio book, the possibilities are endless. The benefits can be huge.

However it is not an easy one to do if you have young children and are sleep-deprived, which is often the case for many of the mums I work with.

So in today’s video I share how to;

a) get more sleep and
b) consolidate the Miracle Morning into a shorter time period

Find out how you can make the Miracle Morning work for you, even if you’re a sleep-deprived mum!

Have you got a similar Miracle Morning routine sussed?

Do you do the Miracle Morning? How do you make it work for you? Or are you curious to give it a whirl? Share in the comments below, with your tips on making it work too if you have any.

Big love,
Sophie xx

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