It was 2001. I was 25 and newly single and heartbroken. I had never heard of The Secret and didn’t have a clue what manifesting or the Law of Attraction were. Yet I managed to manifest a husband. By accident.

If you’re not familiar with the concept of manifesting or the Law of Attraction then in a nutshell it’s this:

Thoughts Become Things

Obviously it’s way more complex and in-depth but this blog post isn’t about that. (A good introduction to the Law of Attraction is Denise Duffield-Thomas’s book Lucky Bitch – just don’t let the title put you off!)

Anyway, I digress. Let’s back up a bit.

So I was 25, living in France and had recently been dumped by my boyfriend of 3 years. The person I’d just bought a house with, and who I thought I would end up with long-term.

I was in a really dark place. Totally down on myself. Convinced it was my fault and that I’d never meet anyone EVER again.

It got really, really bad at one stage, but that’s another story for another day.

Maybe I needed to hit that absolute rock bottom to be able to push back upwards again.

And as I started to fight back this thought came to me:

“There is someone out there who will love you like crazy, just as you are, and you him.”

I have no idea where this thought came from, but it became a mantra for me. Something to hold onto at the end of the day when I came home to an empty house with just 2 cats in it.

What I didn’t realise at the time was that I was subconsciously manifesting my future husband.

I repeated this mantra to myself over and over in my head to make me feel better and when my inner devil was telling me “no one will ever love you again, you’re obviously ugly and fat and you’re going to die alone, a crazy cat lady”.

I didn’t picture this “someone”. I didn’t think of any physical characteristics. I didn’t imagine what this “someone” might do for a living, how much money he might or might not have, where he might live, his nationality, his hobbies. Zero. None of that stuff.

I just had this phrase on repeat in my head:

“There is someone out there who will love you like crazy, just as you are, and you him.”

And I wasn’t in any rush. I’d met my ex-boyfriend when I was 22, had spent 3 very serious years with him, so I was ready to be a single twenty-something for a while.

But just 3 months after my ex moved out, exactly 16 years and 4 days ago today, I went out with my friend on a Saturday night to a bar in Nice, France.

It was December and cold. I couldn’t really be bothered to go out, but my friend nagged me, so I did.

A couple of towns away was a Frenchman, who also couldn’t be bothered to go out, but whose friend nagged him to go, so he did.

A few hours later we found ourselves sitting side by side in a dark, noisy bar, chatting.

We talked and talked and laughed and clicked.

If you’d asked me afterwards what he looked like I would only have been able to tell you that he had dark hair. However I would have been able to relate the whole 2 hour conversation to you. (I didn’t realise at the time that I’d manifested a husband.)

I told myself afterwards that I didn’t want a new boyfriend, but that he would make an incredible new friend.

So when he asked for my phone number at the end of the evening that was the thought I had in mind.

Over the next few days we texted, emailed and talked on the phone.

16 years ago today – 4 days after meeting – I joined him and his friends who were out for a drink, and I started to think that maybe I’d been wrong about the whole “just friends” things.

We arranged to go out the next day, for a quick drink after work. That quick drink turned into dinner which turned into us being kicked out of the restaurant when they closed for the evening.

We had clicked so spectacularly, and our first kiss as we walked to our cars felt more right than anything else ever before.

9 days after we met I rang my friend and told her I’d met my future husband.

She told me I was mad.

I accidentally manifested a husband: l Love the Life You Live!
With my manifested husband and soulmate on our wedding day in 2003
  • 3 months after we met we moved in together.
  • 6 months after we met we got engaged.
  • 20 months after we met we got married.

So many people said it wouldn’t last. I mean I’d only been single for 3 months after a serious 3 year relationship! But 16 years, two weddings, two amazing children, eight businesses (between us), too many big decisions to count, three countries, two continents and nine homes later we literally couldn’t be happier.

It wasn’t until 2007, when I watched a film called The Secret that I first discovered the idea that is manifesting or the Law of Attraction. And, although this film is not my favourite one on this subject, it opened my eyes to what I had been doing accidentally my whole life. Everything just kind of slotted into place. It also explained why people often say to me that life is handed to me on a silver platter, as everything tends to go my way.

My message to you? Be careful what you wish for because your thoughts are incredibly powerful!

I couldn’t be happier about manifesting my soulmate who then became my husband. But the Law of Attraction, and manifesting, works on bad, negative thoughts as well as on good, happy thoughts. So watch what you’re thinking 😉

Maybe you think this is absolute rubbish. I totally respect your opinion but this manifesting malarkey has worked pretty well for me so far – I’m:

  • Married to the man of my dreams
  • Mum to 2 fab kids
  • Living in my dream home in my dream location (Mauritius)
  • Running businesses that I LOVE

So for now I’ll keep thinking the happy, positive stuff, thanks 🙂

Have you accidentally manifested something cool before too? Do share, I love to hear others’ manifesting stories.

If this has stirred up all sorts of thoughts about your life, your love, your happiness then don’t hesitate to grab my 10 day guide to falling (back) in love with your life here.

It doesn’t have manifesting or law of attraction tips but it is packed with daily pearls of wisdom to turn that frown upside down!

Big love,
Sophie xx

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