Yesterday it was my birthday. I am now 42. Otherwise known as the answer to life, the universe and everything which made me chuckle so I thought I’d blog about what being 42 means to me.

First of all I have to say that I’m loving the 40s so far and don’t have the slightest worry about turning a year older.

As I really do feel that it’s “a year older, a year wiser” so what’s not to love there?

I’ll never understand women who hide their age or lie about it. It’s not a dirty secret, be proud of it and proud of who you are I say!

Since my last birthday I’ve made a big decision and re-evaluated the way I live, in many ways.

I am the Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything. - Love the Life You Live!
42 year old me having crazy amounts of fun trampolining on my birthday yesterday 🙂

My big decision is to have no more babies.

Ever since Clémence, our youngest, was born in 2012 the 3rd baby discussion has been on and off the table.

And just after my last birthday it was put back on the table as we had to choose a new health insurance plan – did we take one with or without maternity cover?

We opted for the extra cover and knew it was time to make a final decision.

Finally last year, after our two month trip round visiting friends and family in Europe, we made a final decision.

If we’re going to head off on a family gap year in the near future (the plan is 6 months RV around the US and 6 months RV around Europe) then a baby just isn’t going to fit in with those plans.

So I finally put that idea to bed. And I feel good about it.

This past year has seen me learn more and more from global, digital mentors, across many subject areas – people such as Marie Forleo, Denise Duffield-Thomas, Gemma Went, Gabrielle Bernstein and many many more.

Most of my spare time is spent learning from books, podcasts, videos and webinars that are available from so many talented people in this online world. And I love that I can take this knowledge, mix it with my own experiences and use it to teach and guide others.

Since my last birthday I have opened myself up more to the woo-woo stuff out there. I have fully embraced EFT (also called tapping) and a few months ago did a couple of EFT and energy sessions with the incredible Marie Houlden which have really changed the way I approach things in life.

For many years I have believed and understood the principle that you can’t change other people, and their actions, but you can change your reaction to them and what they say or do.

And in the past year this is something I have been working on more and more. It has improved my relationship with Ben as well as interactions with family, friends, neighbours and pretty much everyone I come across everyday.

I’m excited to embrace everything that being 42 has to throw at me, as I feel ready, happy and fulfilled with my lot in life 🙂

If, like me, you want to become happy and fulfilled with your lot in life, then do join me for my upcoming Life Reboot Camp – we start at the end of February – I’ll be sharing lots of the incredible things that I’ve learnt and put into practice in my life.

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Big love,
Sophie xx





P.S. how does a 42 year old spend her birthday? I went on a day of dates with my man – we went trampolining, bowling and to the cinema – the perfect day! Here are a few pics…

Couple in love - - Love the Life You Live!
Once the kids had gone to school, Ben and I had a cheeky dip in the pool before setting off on our day out 🙂
Woman trampolining and having fun Couple in love - - Love the Life You Live!
Having so much fun trampolining yesterday – I felt more like a 17 year old than a 42 year old 🙂
Woman drinking beer at the bowling alley - - Love the Life You Live!
Having a cheeky daytime beer whilst on a bowling date with my husband 🙂
Sleeping girl - - Love the Life You Live!
When you get home from your child-free day and your kids look so angelic and heart melt xx

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