How can someone turn that statement ‘I hate my face, body and skin‘ into love ‘I LOVE my face, body and skin‘?

Is it even possible? What can you do when you don’t love how you look?

In a world of social media and images that are Photoshopped beyond recognition it is hard to love the face, body and skin that you are in. But not loving how you look can lead to all sorts of mental health problems for you but also for any young or impressionable woman who looks up to you. Imagine for one second a daughter, niece or child of a family friend saying those words ‘I hate my face’, how devastating would that be to hear?

For this reason – amongst others – I try to show up as naturally as possible in my photos and videos online, in an attempt to make normal, well normal, again.

I talk about body image a lot in Life Reboot Camp as not one woman there is totally in love with her looks.

In this video I share with you what you can do when you don’t love how you look. I hope it helps you, please do share it with anyone else who needs to see it too because you, they, we are not alone.

Big love,
Sophie xx

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