In Episode 4 of my vlog series Sophie: Raw and Unpolished, which is all about my everyday life in Mauritius, you can catch:

  • Secret Sunrise
  • a big hair colour change
  • cinema Mauritian-style
  • Chamarel waterfalls
  • Ebony Forest with its nature and breathtaking views
  • traditional Mauritian restaurant where I picked my first ever pineapple in their organic garden!
  • sundowners with the most stunning views

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A few notes:

I have no affiliation with the places I share in this vlog series – they are either new places I’m trying out or firm favourites which I return to time and time again as I love them. I am not being paid to share any of this – if I”m gushing it’s because I really love them 🙂

  • The Secret Sunrise was organised by Secret Sunrise Mauritius
  • The cinema is at the Bagatelle complex in Moka
  • Chamarel waterfalls can be viewed as you drive through to 7 coloured earth or Ebony Forest (but catch them on your way in, because you can’t get back to them afterwards)
  • Ebony Forest is right next to 7 coloured earth in Chamarel. Allow more than half a day (which is all we allowed) so you can spend time in the museum, walk up to the forest, to the sublime point and then up to the peak (which we didn’t have time for).
  • The traditional Mauritian restaurant we went to was Les Palmiers Chez Dev in Chamarel, I highly recommend it – great food, atmosphere and prices. It’s also lovely to know that your food is organic and lots has been grown in the restaurant’s garden!
  • Our sundowners were at The Bay Hotel in Tamarin, great cocktails and out-of-this-world views.

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Big love,
Sophie xx

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