How many moves, decisions, actions that you’ve taken in your life have come from trying to please others? Or fit in with “the right thing” to do? Or what Society says you “should” do? Probably a hell of a lot I’m guessing. Because it’s easier not to rock the boat.

Believe me, it’s so much easier not to the rock the boat.I know this because my boat has never been steady. I’m constantly pushing things to see just how far I can go to live fully for ME (and my family).

And it’s hard work, and tiring, and you’ll likely lose friends along the way, and upset other people, as you’re not fitting in to the box they’d like to put you in.

BUT this way you get to live for YOU.

Recently I was interviewed by the fabulous Anne Ferguson of The Centered Mama Project for her MamaFuelTM podcast about the importance of living for you and of not caring what others think.

We chatted about the two massive moves that I’ve made with my family (France > UK and UK > Mauritius), and how I decided to make that big jump each time.

We talk about the importance of mums supporting each other, instead of judging, the power of community, the value of being imperfect and how you can only get your dream life if you’re happy on the inside.

Watch the video on YouTube or listen to the podcast on iTunes or Podbean.

Live for you - Love the Life You Live!

For those of you who don’t know the wonderful Anne Ferguson, then read on – she is one of the loveliest people I know, and you’re not going to want to miss out on getting to know her…

Anne is a half-French, half-Canadian mama of two living in Switzerland with her two daughters, her husband and their adorable dog.

A few years ago she was doing ALL THE THINGS and – to cut a long story super short – she got really sick, really fast. During her 24 hours in intensive care she had a bit of an epiphany.

Wondering if she’d make it through the night, she realised she’d been trying to be a superwoman with only a regular human body and regular human mind. The equipment wasn’t up to the job. Most of all she realised she’d isolated herself, and she decided THAT WAS OVER.

So she started reaching out to others.

For company, for help, for compassion.

She started teaching yoga again. She became an entrepreneur. And she realised that SO many mamas try to do it all, often alone, and that we’re breaking down all over the place.

So she created The Centered Mama Project and her most recent project, MamaFuelTM: The Podcast to make sure that there’s NO MAMA LEFT BEHIND (her favourite rallying cry).

Both are her life’s work. Making sure no mama is alone or isolated, and helping us to connect inside to ourselves and to each other.

We had so much fun talking about the importance of living for YOU, of mums supporting other mums, and a zillion other things and I’m sure you’ll get loads from it.

Make sure you check out our chat here: YouTube / iTunes / Podbean.

We’re all busy so just whack it on in the background while you’re driving the kids around, doing the dishes or preparing dinner – get some inspiration into your life and start living for YOU today!

If you like what you hear then you should totally have a look at my Life Reboot Camp over here: it’s a complete digital course + a community full of women reclaiming life back for themselves, and I’d love to welcome you in too 🙂

Big love,
Sophie xx

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