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How to be happy (no matter what sh!t life throws at you!) £3

My e-book How to be happy (no matter what sh!t life throws at you!) is part-memoir, part personal development and it will make you laugh and cry whilst teaching you valuable life lessons.

Did you know that...

>> ...my first grown-up job saw me working for a man with links to the Russian mafia, and I saw him in handcuffs on the evening news one Friday?

>>...I moved to France for 3 months...and end up staying there for 12 years?

>>...I met my husband in a bar when I was drunk? That 3 months after meeting him we moved in together, and that 6 months and 21 days after that fateful Saturday evening we got engaged?

>>...I nearly died after childbirth?

>>...I used to want to eBay my eldest daughter?

>>...I got accused of child abuse?

>>...my first business failed and led to me moving back into my childhood home as a 34 year old with a husband and 3 year old daughter in tow?

People often ask me how I am able to take things in my stride, to make such great decisions, to be happy and fulfilled in my life in general.

So I wrote a book with my stories and the lessons learnt from them to share with others.