Self First gives you all the tools you need to be the best mum and the best partner, whilst learning to love yourself and be happy.


There is a reason they tell you to put your oxygen mask on first on aeroplanes. Because you’re no use to anyone else if you’re not functioning properly. And it’s the same for life.

You have to look after yourself first before you can be there for the loved ones in your life. You’re no use to them if you’re depleted, struggling with physical illness, or simply not enjoying life.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • I come last on everyone’s list.
  • My relationship is robotic, no love, romance, sex or pizazz.
  • I’m too tired and overwhelmed. There is so much to do that I often stick my kids in front of the TV or iPad, then feel guilty.
  • I avoid mirrors as I don’t have time, energy or inclination to bother with my looks and I know it shows.
  • I often find myself wondering if this is it? Surely life should be more fun, exciting?
  • I can feel left out at times, at family functions or nights out with friends, what’s wrong with me?

Self First is an online programme and community that combines the skills and expertise of Sophie Le Brozec and Marie Houlden.

On the one hand you get Sophie’s workbox full of tools that you can put into practice, and clear actions you can take to improve the key areas of your life and relationships. On the other hand you get Marie’s expertise on what is going on at a deeper psychological level and the needs you’re trying to meet. She’ll share things from a spiritual perspective, go as woo-woo as you’re ready for and help you to heal those emotional and energetic wounds from the past.

Self First gives you a clear action plan of things you can do, as well as delving into why you feel this way or act the way you do. You will dig deep into your history, and begin to understand how your subconscious is sabotaging your best plans.


Self First is an online course and accompanying community for women who are ready to put themselves first.

There are 3 modules, and each one is covered with Sophie’s tangible and Marie’s intangible input.

There are no time or geography constraints to Self First. You do it when you want, how you want, where you want. There are live calls which you can join or simply listen to the recording. Other than that there is no schedule, no meetings to book in, just the information for you to dive into. Whenever you need it. For life.

What exactly is Self First and what does it cover?

It is a 3 module course:

  • Module 1: All about YOU
  • Module 2: Relationships and friendships
  • Module 3: Parenting

This 6 week programme starts on Monday 29th April with Module 1 and Sophie sharing some of the theory and how it can be practically applied, before moving onto Marie and exploring any emotions that come up for you.

In addition to these modules you get the following bonuses:

  • Access to Marie’s library of EFT videos and energy clearing meditations (worth $130) – includes over 155 videos with an ever-growing selection of meditations
  • Sophie’s Life Reboot Camp Lite (worth $77) – A 120 page PDF with an overview of every lesson plus every worksheet of her life-changing Life Reboot Camp programme
  • For everyone who pays in full (not the 12 month payment plan) you get a FREE 20 minute 1-2-1 mentoring session with Sophie (worth $67)
  • Access to the private accompanying Facebook group
  • Constant access to Sophie and Marie via the group

Want to know more about what to expect inside Self First?

Here are some of the things we will be covering in each module. Both Sophie’s and Marie’s lessons are made up of a video / audio which lasts 5-15 minutes and tasks you can do.

Module 1: All about YOU

  • Lack of self-esteem and self -worth
  • Feeling uncomfortable with how you look
  • General feeling of “is this it?”
  • Feeling left out, like the girl no one wants to talk to
  • General feeling of lethargy and apathy – like everything is too much
  • Not feeling good enough

Module 2: Relationships & Friendships

  • Reviving a relationship that is robotic
  • Feeling better in your own body so you can feel attractive for your partner
  • Communication in all relationships and friendships
  • Understanding when to walk away from relationships / friendships
  • Sex and your relationship
  • Toxic friendships

Module 3: Parenting

  • Feeling guilty as a mum
  • Screen time and your kids
  • Work and being a mum
  • Dealing with overwhelm in parenting
  • Comparing yourself with other mums

Do I have to do the course live / be available at set times for it?

Oh God no – the logistics would be horrific! As we go through the modules the lessons become available for you to do whenever suits you.

You get everything for life and you can work on it literally whenever and wherever suits you.

HOWEVER there are live calls for those who like this kind of interaction – you can join live or watch the recording. The days and times will be set to best accommodate everyone doing the course.

I’m not interested in all of the modules, do I have to do all of them?

Again – oh God no! You can do the bits which resonate with you now, and come back to others as and when you need them, or never, it’s up to you.

Do I have to do the modules in the right order?

The modules will be drip fed to you and we do recommend that this time round you do them in the right order.

I don’t think I have the time for this – how long does it take?

Sophie and Marie are busy women and understand your lack of time so the content has been created for the busy woman that you’re.

You can digest the lessons in 5-15 minute bite-size chunks or you can binge on it all in one go.

Or you can do anything in between. There is no timeline except for the live calls.

Is it just for mums?

No. But a third of the course addresses the parenting relationship.

Is it just for people in relationships?

No. But one of the modules talks a lot about relationships (as well as friendships and relationships in general).

Is it just for women?

It is written and created for women, but there is nothing to stop men doing the course and getting lots out of it too. And actually several bits of it could be worked on by couples together, to improve their relationship. However access to the accompanying private Facebook group is for women only.

Is it for straight women only?

No. We talk about “he” when to refer to your partner as it’s easier than saying he/she all the time, and our references tend to be more towards male / female relationships as this is what we have more experience with. But Self First should totally apply and help gay women too.

What guarantee do you have that this will help me?

None at all because we won’t be doing the programme for you. We can guarantee you that if you sign up for the course then wait for things to magically change, they won’t. However if you sign up for the course, and do the work on the lessons that you need to work on, it will be very hard not to see radical changes in your life, very quickly.

And, because Sophie and Marie believe in Self First so much, we offer a full refund guarantee in the first 30 days after you sign up if you find it has not been helpful to you.

Full Disclosure: Self First only works for those who want positive change in their life and are willing to put in the 15 minutes a day (or binge at the weekends) to make that happen. If this isn’t you, go back to scrolling through Facebook, and waiting for your fairy godmother to show up.


Sophie Le Brozec

Sophie is a Life and Mindset Mentor. She is the founder of the life-changing online programme and community, Life Reboot Camp, which is now transforming women’s lives in 4 continents and 8 countries. A Brit, living in Mauritius, Sophie is mum to two daughters and wife to one Frenchman.

Find out more about Sophie here

Marie Houlden

Marie is a qualified Kinesiologist, EFT Practitioner, Strategic Intervention Coach, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Practitioner of Transformational Bodywork. Marie is the founder of two online courses for women: ARISE for those wanting to release money blocks, and AWAKEN for HSPs (Highly Sensitive Person) and empaths. Marie is based in the UK and mum to a daughter and a son.

Find out more about Marie here

(As Self First is a brand new course, these testimonials refer to another course of Sophie’s called Life Reboot Camp, the format of the two courses is the same however, with lifetime access and an online supportive community.)

Beatrice Reid, Zurich, Switzerland

“I felt so stuck, not knowing what to do next and how to get my spark back. Then came Life Reboot Camp and the promise to gently work on myself and my outtake on life to re-centre, re-focus and regain confidence and happiness. Knowing that I can follow this online course time and time again, dip in and out of the various modules as I need to is also invaluable.”

Mel Knibb, London, UK

“Over the past few months, thanks to Life Reboot Camp, you have helped me reassess things. You’ve helped me with priorities, life goals and being a more grateful person. You are one in a million and I just wanted to thank you for being wonderful. Your enthusiasm, your no-nonsense approach and your honesty have helped me a lot. You’re a beautiful human being inside and out.”

Karin Joyce, Peterborough, UK

“In 2018, I realised that I had lost my sparkle. I was struggling to find a way through the fog and then I joined Life Reboot Camp. As I worked through each module I started to feel lighter and brighter. Doors and windows in my mind started opening as I learned more about myself and began to work through a lot of baggage. I began to believe in myself again and found the strength to not only relight that sparkle but start actively pursuing my passion of creating my own online course and support group. Without Life Reboot Camp I would still be struggling, I believe. Thank you Life Reboot Camp and Sophie Le Brozec! You were just what I needed at just the right moment.”

Denise Pitot, Mauritius

“I didn’t realise how much I needed the wise yet do-able life lessons of Sophie Le Brozec until I actually started Life Reboot Camp. To know that I can tap into these lessons anytime during my lifetime is a huge comfort too, I know that joining was the best decision I could have made.”

 (As Self First is a brand new course, these testimonials refer to other courses and work of Marie’s.)

Holly Higgins – Nutritional Therapy Practitioner

“Working with Marie is beautifully easy and comfortable. She is so intuitive that you feel like you’re talking with an old friend. She has an uncanny, laser-sharp ability to hone in on the root of your problem so you can make progress faster. I’ve seen significant shifts in my life in areas where I felt stuck for a long time”.

Kelly Hailes – Events Manager

“Working with Marie is always uplifting. No matter what kind of day or week you’ve had, you always leave her presence feeling refreshed and re-energised. Her ability to truly listen and really understand is outstanding. It’s a gift that enables her to help you recognise and really release negative emotions and beliefs. I highly recommend working with Marie. She is a kind and compassionate soul with an outstanding gift to help YOU turn your life around.”

Dr Gökçe Bulgan – Psychologist & Author

“Marie is an unbelievably kind, compassionate, and generous person who truly wants the best for you. You feel very comfortable and soothed in her presence. She has a gentle way of talking about difficult issues that makes you feel understood and accepted. She has helped me feel lighter, stronger, and more open to new opportunities. I feel extremely lucky to have her in my life and would highly recommend working with her when you have the chance.”

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We offer a full 30 day money back guarantee of Self First if you find it has not been helpful to you, as we hate buying online and being disappointed.