The plan was to share this week’s round-up yesterday (i.e. at the start of the week) but technology was NOT my friend yesterday, so that’s why I’m coming to you a day late. But better late than never and all that!

Last week was an incredibly sociable one. These days I try and get a nice balance of time out and days / evenings spent holed up in my cave. I used to be the world’s biggest extrovert, but now I need so much more time on my own to compensate for the time spent with others. Do you find that too??

Tupperware Party

It started with an evening out last Monday – a kind of a Tupperware party at a friend’s house, grouping together lots of women who run their own businesses here in Mauritius. There were tables selling stationery, decorations, handmade soaps, locally made clothes, jewellery, swimming goggles for kids and loads more.

I had tons of work to get through as last week was a busy one, but I was happy I managed to find time to pop in for an hour, catch up with friends and support these local small businesses too.

Business Networking events

The next morning I was out of the house at 7.30am to drive to the north of the island for a business networking event with Mauritius Business Network.

I love their events in the north but at that time of day there is so much traffic, and it took me over 2 hours to do a journey that normally takes 1 hour 15 minutes. But I know there is always loads of traffic so I spend my time wisely and listen to podcasts.

I am a huge podcast fan and can’t get in the car without switching one on. Do you have any podcasts to recommend to me? I’m always on the hunt for new ones. I like inspiring, motivating and educational ones.

As you can tell though – the view more than makes up for the time spent in the car.

The view from the networking event

The events are always amazing and this one was no different as I met and chatted to such interesting people, as well as seeing women I already work with (met through previous networking events).

This month I was giving the educational talk and I spoke about the importance of being authentic in your business. I shared that I show up in my business and marketing looking like this:

Networking at the beach
Looking very “me” as I gave the educational talk on being authentic in your business!

It was good fun turning up in my casual, everyday wear as I normally make an effort for these events. But it was a great way to get my message across.

This event in the north of the island was Tuesday and I did a second event with Mauritius Business Network on Thursday in the centre of the island too.

Live workshops and calls

I’m often asked if I get lonely working from home on my own and the honest answer is no. I spend part of my time giving live workshops or on live calls and that gives me my people fix in general.

Straight after Tuesday’s networking event I ran a live workshop for the women in my Life Reboot Camp on overcoming overwhelm. (If this is something you are interested in working on too then do check out my new membership club – the Happy Women Worldwide Club – as we are covering overwhelm in great detail for the rest of May.)

Then an hour after that it was straight into a live call with the women in the Self First programme I run with Marie Houlden. Marie was running this call on Module 1, which is all about YOU, and we did some great EFT work with her and then she led us in a guided meditation which I definitely needed as I completely drifted off!

After such a full-on day I was ready for an early night and I hit the sack at 8.30pm with my Kindle. The perfect way to end my day 🙂 Are you an early bird that likes going to bed early to read too?

Reading a Kindle in bed
My happy place – my bed with my Kindle


I am so grateful for Ben who is helping out so much with our girls / household crap at the moment. On Wednesday he did the whole after school Drama class run with our girls, and while Léna had her lesson he took Clémence grocery shopping so I could concentrate on my work in peace at home.

And every day he has been taking Clémence outside to practise riding her bike without stabilisers. We’ve been trying to teach her to ride her bike for ages, but with the heat in Mauritius it’s not easy to find suitable conditions to do this!

Last week Ben persevered (as did Clémence) and their reward came yesterday when something clicked and she was off!

We are all so happy and proud of Clémence (I’m also super thankful to Ben as I hate doing this!). But in my defence, I’ve been doing all the reading practice with Clémence and just before she clicked with her bike yesterday she also clicked with her reading.

So in one hour she became a reader and a rider 🙂

Little girl learning to ride her bike
And she’s off!

Ben makes my mummy life so much easier because he does show up so much in our family, but that has come about through work I’ve done on getting the balance right at home. Something I teach in modules 1 and 3 of my Life Reboot Camp, and something that leads indirectly to my happiness levels, and reducing my feelings of stress and overwhelm. What is the balance like in your relationship / family?

A bit non-stop

It’s just as well Ben helped out with Drama as the next 24+ hours were then a bit non-stop.

On Wednesday evening we had friends over to watch Game of Thrones. We watched the latest episode last night too and are loving it, but I know loads of people aren’t happy with it. Are you a GoT fan? What do you think of Season 8 so far?

Thursday morning it was another 7.30am departure to give my second educational talk of the week for Mauritius Business Network.

When I got home I had time for a quick lunch before I launched into a live call with the women in my VIP Club (this is an offshoot from my Life Reboot Camp – for the ladies who want to go super deep on what we cover in LRC). In this call we went very deep on self-sabotage, and the effect of dominant male role models in our lives when we were growing up.

Next it was time to be Mummy as I dropped Léna at her Contortion lesson and collected a friend of Clémence’s for a playdate at our house. Once Clémence and her friend had played, had dinner and a bath it was time for me to drop the buddy home and head out for a girls night out.

Girls dinner out
Not a great picture but it was a great night, catching up with this lovely lot 🙂
Thai dinner
I do miss sharing photos of what I eat on social media – so here you go. My yummy Thai meal!

Self-Care time

As it was such a busy week, with work, appointments and Mummy stuff I made sure I also took some time for ME. On Friday morning I went and got my fingernails and toenails done, which is always lovely and relaxing. Then I caught up with a friend / member of Life Reboot Camp for a bit.

On Saturday I switched the self-care up a notch as I spent a few hours lying by the pool reading. At the moment I’m mixing it up a bit and reading two books:

Money: A Love Story by Kate Northrup on my Kindle (chosen after I LOVED her recent book, Do Less which is a MUST read).

Watermelon by Marian Keyes This is the first Chick-Lit book I ever read, in 1997, when I was a student living in Nice, France. I saw it at the charity shop the other day and had to get it.

Reading by the pool
Mixing it up with a money book and a chick-lit book by the pool on Saturday.

Do you make sure you make time for YOU? I am fiercely protective of my ME time as I know that having this makes me a better wife and mum (in fact that is pretty much the idea behind the Self First programme).

Tooth Fairy

On Friday Clémence came home from school proudly clutching a piece of tissue which revealed yet another fallen baby tooth. Am I the only one who groans when she sees baby teeth that have come out?

I’m so happy and excited for Clémence but at the same time I go into panic mode – do I have suitable cash? I’m not sure the tooth fairy would offer an IOU, a debit card or a bank transfer… Then I have to set alarms on my phone to make sure I don’t forget to do the deed.

To make matters worse Clémence wrote a letter to the tooth fairy asking for magic. At what stage is it not just easier to share that it aint real and just hand over some cash as and when you have some?!

Letter to the tooth fairy
Clémence’s request for magic

I’m proud to say that I nailed it though – despite having some red wine with dinner and falling asleep in front of the TV, I managed to give a suitable amount of money (Rs.100), a note from the “tooth fairy” (AKA Léna who loves this kind of stuff) and some magic confetti (also courtesy of Léna). #mummywin (well possibly actually #bigsisterwin).

Saturday night of dreams

On Saturday night we were invited to a 40th birthday party at a secret location…which turned out to be a floating platform off the northwest coast (Mont Choisy beach to be precise).

Dream night out in Mauritius
View of the platform as we arrived by boat from the beach

Luckily friends of ours had been able to take in Clémence at the last minute for a sleepover, so we were able to let our hair down and enjoy partying under the stars, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. We still had Léna as, at 12, she doesn’t need our supervision in the same way, and she got to party with her friends there too.

It was the most incredible experience, and ridiculous amounts of fun. There was a circular bar in the centre with a steady supply of champagne and rum cocktails, plus endless supplies of food that was brought round to us. Not to mention the wonderful company, the most amazing atmosphere and barefoot dancing in the sand for hours.

I suffered from too much fizz and getting to bed at 2am the next day, but it was so worth it.

I didn’t take any pics once the party was in full-swing as part of my being off of social media is about being present. But here are some pics taken from the very start of the evening:

Couple on the beach in Mauritius
Ben and I in our glad rags on the beach, waiting for the boat.
Family on the beach in Mauritius
Joined by Léna as we attempted a family selfie (well 3/4 of the family)
Night out at sea in Mauritius
What the platform / party location looked like

The next day was a bit of a right-off and consisted of me eating my body weight in carbs in an attempt to cure my hangover + watching hours of TV as my overtired, broken brain was incapable of doing anything else. But what a night! So worth it!

What’s your go-to hangover cure? Mine has to be carbs, fat coke and mindless TV.

So that was The Week That Was – way more sociable than I normally am, so this week I’m making up for it with a far quieter one. Which means you can expect my weekly round-up blog post next week to be far shorter!

If you’ve enjoyed reading this do share in the comments below, I love to get feedback 🙂

Have a fabulous week lovely!

Big love,
Sophie xx

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