It is surely no coincidence that every time I type “social media” into my phone it autocorrects to “suicidal media”? I have had a love-hate relationship with social media for the longest time and have walked away from Facebook, Instagram et al many times over the last 5 years, including for a 3 month period in 2017.

But the thing is I run an online business, which kind of comes hand-in-hand with social media. So each time – despite LOVING my time off of social media – I end up coming back.

However I have been drawn more and more to find another way to do things. I dislike the energy of social media, it always leaves me feeling worse rather than better. And I dislike the person it makes me – someone who has her phone permanently in her hand.

And I’m not alone. People are getting sick and fed up of social media. Of not seeing the people / brands they have chosen to follow. Of having someone else control who sees their work. Of the constant (negative) comparisons. Of the nasty comments.

I had been mulling over the idea of leaving social media (again) for the last few weeks then on Saturday I saw a blog post by the fabulous Leonie Dawson on this very subject and it seemed like a signal to me that now was the time.

So as of today I am removing myself from social media in a big way. This is how I intend to move forwards with regards to my social media presence and accounts:

  • I will continue with LinkedIn completely unchanged
  • I will carry on with the Facebook groups for my paid programmes (Life Reboot Camp, and its splinter groups + Self First)
  • I will continue to use the Facebook groups that I get value from
  • I will stop my free Facebook group, Happy Women Worldwide
  • I will stop posting on my Facebook business page and personal profile
  • I will stop posting on Instagram
  • I will stop posting on Twitter

What and how I intend to carry on sharing my work

I LOVE what I do and I love helping women across the world with my free and paid work and this hasn’t changed, the only difference is where you will be able to find this information.

I will be sharing on my blog three times a week:

  1. Mondays will be “The Week That Was (TWTW)” which will be like my weekly online journal, sharing what I’ve been up to, any thoughts etc from the previous week. This will include things like what I’ve been reading, what I’m grateful for and what I’ve been doing. This will replace what I would normally share on social media, and the first TWTW is below…
  2. Wednesdays will be a video post which will replace the videos that I was sharing on social media on subjects such as overwhelm, burnout, guilt, self-care, relationships, parenting and much more.
  3. Fridays will be an old school blog post which might be a how to, or a personal experience and the lesson it taught me, or top tips, amongst others.

Those on my mailing list will be the first to find out anything new, when there is new content on the blog and basically will be the ones in the know. I will be sending out more frequent emails and there will be an option to receive just a weekly overview OR to get an email as and when I have information to share. If you’re not already on my mailing list you can sign up here or alternatively sign up here AND grab my cheat sheet to help you kill overwhelm here.

I have reopened the comments facility on my blog and I invite you to share any thoughts, comments, questions etc directly on my blog posts.

I look forward to seeing you here as I take this new direction, which I am extremely happy about 🙂

And so to today’s actual blog post which is The Week That Was (TWTW)

This is what the last week looked like for me:

Back to school for Clémence

Clémence went back to school last week after her 3 week Easter holiday. I was torn between being delighted to get back into my routine (hello being able to work undisturbed) and missing the cuddles and seeing her on and off all day for 3 weeks. She is 6 years old now and it feels like time is flying past, so school holidays are kind of bittersweet for me now. What about you? Are you happy for the holidays to end or do you dread school starting again?

First day back to school for Clémence
First day back to school for Clémence

Dogs, it’s cold outside!

At the start of 2016, when we’d been in Mauritius a couple of months, we adopted two street puppies (brothers). They were about 4-6 weeks old when they were found by the side of the road and we took them in, and they were TINY! Now they are labrador height with a greyhound frame. They are typical street dogs for here, meaning they have about 500 breeds in them!

The dogs snuggling up on this cold (25ºC) evening.
The dogs snuggling up on this cold (25ºC) evening.

Now the weather has started to turn a bit cooler (i.e. it’s about 25ºC in the evenings) they have started to come inside a bit more in the evening, which we all love 🙂

The start of Self First

Last week Marie Houlden and I started our new online programme, Self First, with the loveliest bunch of women. I’m so excited about this new course that combines my practical knowledge with Marie’s deeper psychological skills. The only minor hiccup was our first live call, when Clémence came into my office in tears as she wanted the TV on and I’d already started the call. But my laptop came to the rescue and our call could carry on unhindered. Ah, the joys of being a work at home mum!

Game of Thrones epic episode

On Tuesday evening a couple of fellow Game of Thrones fans came over to watch the EPIC TV that was last week’s episode. Talk about edge of the seat stuff. Who else is a GoT fan? What did you think of last week’s battle episode? Just DON’T tell me anything about this week’s episode as I’m not watching it until Wednesday…

It’s funny because 5 years ago (almost day for day) I wrote a blog post on my (now retired) mummy blog Franglaise Mummy about why I thought Game of Thrones was good for my 7 year old daughter.

Fast forward 5 years and 12 year old Léna is now watching it with us. We started right back at the beginning with her and we are going through the old episodes together. The rules are that she’s not allowed to watch it without us and that we might censor (fast forward) bits that we think aren’t suitable.

It might shock people that we let her watch it but when you hear about 12 and 13 year olds watching porn, and see some of the borderline porno videos that are called music videos, Ben and I feel that Game of Thrones gives her a far better lesson in life. It relates to actual history (I’m a big history fan and love finding similarities between the show and real life), it has incredibly strong female role models and at least the naked women look like actual women (hello pubic hair, natural boobs and curves!).

Léna absolutely loves the show and her favourite character is Daenerys, which is who I predicted she would like the most 5 years ago when I wrote that blog post. What can I say? I know my daughter 😉

Are you a Game of Thrones fan? What do you think of this latest season?

Public holiday = pyjama day

I didn’t get dressed all day last Wednesday and spent all day in my pyjamas. I’d been working a lot before this public holiday and decided to have a full day of self-care, especially as I was fighting off a sore throat. Ben brought me breakfast in bed, the girls wandered in for a chat then left to go and play while I read my book and watched Manchester by the sea.

It was glorious and I felt lovely and relaxed afterwards. When was the last time you had a pyjama day? Or some self-care time?

Sick child alert!

I managed to fight off my sore throat but not before passing the germs on to Clémence who woke us up at 1.30am Thursday night / Friday morning complaining that her throat hurt.

Snuggles with this poorly little girl.
Snuggles with this poorly little girl.

I am delighted at times like this that I gave in to friends going on and on about doTerra essential oils. I was a huge sceptic but at the end of last year decided to give them a try and got the family essentials pack from Vicki AKA The Free From Fairy. These oils nipped my sore throat in the bud and treated Clémence’s sore throat, fever and vomiting in no time.

Vicki is one of my Life Reboot Campers and is a friend but other than that I have no reason to push these oils, except to say that they are game-changers. Even the uber sceptical Ben uses them, and we’ve had no doctor appointments or antibiotics since getting them (for the same period last year we’d already had 3 doses of antibiotics, numerous doctor’s appointments and 6 week+ colds), and we hardly use any ‘traditional’ medicine at all.

Fortunately one day off school was all Clémence needed and within a bit more than a day was bouncing all over the house again as usual.

80s night out

Saturday night saw me fully embracing FUN, something I massively advocate to the women I work with (we even have a lesson dedicated to fun and happiness in Self First). I went on a girls’ night out to our local bar / restaurant / nightclub for an 80s night. It was a friend’s birthday so we all decided to get dressed up full on 80s to dance the night away.

Rocking the 80s look!
Rocking the 80s look!

When we got there it turned out we were the only ones in the “colourful” attire of that decade, which just pushed us to dance more and have more fun. It was a fab night out, although I was a bit fragile the next day so was hugely in Ben’s debt for the full English breakfast / brunch he rustled up the next day. He’s a keeper!

Full English breakfast / brunch which cured my hangover!
Full English breakfast / brunch which cured my hangover!

Run Forrest, Run!

I’ve hated sport and running pretty much my whole life. I was that child who begged her mum for notes to get out of doing PE lessons at school. BUT with age I’ve begun to realise the importance of sport in my life, so I now do some kind of workout 5 days a week in general, including running once a week.

I kept being told that after a while when you run there is some kind of a click and you start to love it. I never believed it but I think I might be there now.

Don’t get me wrong I’ll never be a gym bunny, and I only run about 5km in about 35 minutes, but I am beginning to enjoy it! Shock, horror!

After running my 5km this morning
After running my 5km this morning

Not sure sport is for you? This is why I do it:

  1. I sleep better and feel better mentally and physically when I workout daily.
  2. I LOVE eating and drinking and don’t want to have to keep changing my wardrobe!
  3. I want to be around, in the best state possible, for as long as possible, for my kids and any kids they might have.

This week I am grateful for…

…Ben who massively stepped up when I felt ill (with a sore throat and self-inflicted hangover / tiredness after my night out). I am also so grateful for the lovely friends who happily got dressed up in crazy 80s garb and danced the night away on Saturday without batting an eyelid 🙂

Girls' night out - 80s style!
Girls’ night out – 80s style!

Books I’ve been reading this week

I’m a big book worm and read around 50 books a year, but this year I’m storming ahead on that average as I have just finished my 23rd book of the year – If you could see me now by Cecelia Ahern. I’ve read a few of hers in the last month or so as I’ve been buying them from a local charity shop (I either read this way and donate them back once I’ve read them or I read on my Kindle), and this one was ok but not my favourite of hers. I preferred another – A place called here – which was about where lost things go.

Do you have any books to recommend to me? I read uplifting stuff mostly, that could be inspirational biographies, personal development or beach reads, and I sometimes read historical fiction too. I used to LOVE psychological thrillers but they prevented me from sleeping properly so I’ve had to stop!

That’s all from me today as that was a looooooong one.

What can you do now?

  • Chat to me in the comments – say hi, tell me a bit about yourself, answer the questions I asked in this post, ask your own questions. I love the social side of social media, so don’t leave me talking to myself 😉
  • Sign up to my mailing list (there’s a box just below this blog post that enables you to do that)
  • Share this blog post if you like it (however / wherever you like to share things – social media, email, word of mouth, any of that works for me!)
  • Follow me on LinkedIn, which is the only place I’m still sharing content daily

Have a fantastic day / evening lovely and I hope to see you here again very soon!

Big love,
Sophie xx

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