Today’s weekly update is late because WE GOT RESCUE KITTENS!!! And that has been pretty much all I can think about in the last day or so.

So happy with our new kittens – here is Flame đŸ™‚

I got my first cat when I was 15 and my parents finally gave in to our demands for pets and got us two rescue kittens. A few years later, aged 23, I got my very own pets when I took in two more rescue kittens with my boyfriend of the time in France. Sadly one of them was killed on the main road outside our house 6 years later, when I was 8 weeks pregnant with LĂ©na. I was devastated and it took me forever to get over it as she was my first “baby”.

Fast forward a few years, we had just moved to London, our dog and cat were in France for 6 months, waiting to be cleared to enter the UK, and I was missing having fur babies so much….so we ended up taking on two more rescue kittens. When we left London 4 years ago we had to re-home our pets as two of them were too old to travel, and we didn’t think Mauritius would be suitable for our two younger cats as it has such big problems with stray dogs.

It’s just as well we made that call as in our old house our cats wouldn’t have lasted a week. However in the house we’ve been in for nearly 2 years there are no stray dogs and we feel like cats will be safe enough here with us.

First evening at home with our new kittens – excuse the wonky boobs, I’m just sitting strangely!
Our rescue kittens – Smudge is on the left and Flame is on the right.









After 25 years with cats and 4 years without I’m delighted we are cat-owners again. Yesterday we went and collected Smudge and Flame from PAWS (Protection of Animals Welfare Society). They are about 7 months old and are ADORABLE. The whole family is already in love with them, even Ben who isn’t a cat-lover and is a bit allergic to cats too (that’s true love!).

The girls with their new pets – they are in HEAVEN!!

We haven’t yet introduced them to our rescue dogs (other than through a window) so there is still that test to overcome, but I’m optimistic as we managed to get our cat-hating, hunter dog to love our rescue kittens in the UK…

I am reminded with the arrival of these new fur babies that, whilst I LOVE our dogs, I’m a cat person at heart. What about you? Cats or dogs?

So what else has happened this week? It’s been a fairly quiet one as I try and catch my breath after some seriously busy weeks.

Game of Thrones

We watched the last episode and the jury is still out….a bit disappointed but still loved it is probably the best way I can sum it up. What about you? What did you make of the final episode??

Date Night – sundowners and Chinese

Ben and I have a date night once a week, with two most weeks (one at home and one out) and this is something I massively urge the women on my Life Reboot Camp course and Self First course to do too. Last week we went out for a date night and it was just wonderful. We went and had sundowners on our local beach – and it was breathtaking!

The view looking straight ahead as I sat and drank my beer.
The view when I turned my head slightly to the left.

When the stars were out in full force we headed off to a local Chinese restaurant for dinner, which was delicious and so much fun.

One of our date night “rules” is a ban on certain subjects of conversation – we are not allowed to talk about work, the kids or the house (or any chores / to do list crap). This particular date night we had a conversation about the stars, which led on to us talking about the Maldives and how it compares to Mauritius (the Maldives is where we went on our honeymoon and the first time I ever saw the stars so vividly). And during our meal our conversation was pretty much 100% a discussion / analysis of Game of Thrones as we both love it.

Do you have date nights? At home or out? Do you have conversation subject bans too?

BrenĂ© Brown’s The Call to Courage

On Friday evening I went to a good friend’s house to watch BrenĂ© Brown’s The Call to Courage on Netflix and it was AMAZING!

Watching The Call to Courage at my friend’s house

I first discovered BrenĂ© about 3 years ago and I am permanently recommending her to the women I work with. She is funny but also speaks so much sense. If you have been living under a rock and don’t know who BrenĂ© Brown is, she’s a researcher and university professor from Texas who teaches about shame, vulnerability, courage and resilience.

If you are new to Brené I would recommend starting with her TED talks, podcasts she has appeared on (especially the Oprah ones) and then her books. Be prepared for lots of ahas!

Are you a BrenĂ© fan? What’s your favourite book or talk of hers?

Lazy weekend + being there for my VIP clients

I had planned a very lazy weekend – on Saturday it was Saint Sophie’s day, which is a big deal for the French, a bit like a second birthday, then on Sunday it was Mothers Day in Mauritius. Normally this would have meant Ben treating me like royalty and making me yummy food, but this weekend he had loads of work on, so I decided to take time for ME. I could have got pissed off with him, but that would have just upset both of us, which serves absolutely no purpose.

Instead I grabbed my Kindle and took to the sun lounger, and then the sofa, to read most of the weekend, which was such joy đŸ™‚

Reading my Kindle by the pool

I managed a few hours on Saturday morning before the weather turned and I had to retreat to the sofa indoors.

On Friday evening I was contacted by one of my VIP clients who urgently needed a 1-2-1 call with me. Whilst I had my relaxing weekend planned I didn’t create a business to help women when they need it to not be available when they need it! So we arranged to chat on Saturday after lunch, and I’m so glad I did as it felt great to be able to help my VIP out. It’s important for me to switch off from my work, but it’s also important for me to be there when I’m needed.

My lovely lazy weekend ended with a family film, all four of us snuggled together on the sofa watching Ponyo, which was a little….strange…. have you seen it? What do you make of it??

So that was last week, another quiet one as I recharge my batteries in preparation for my 3 week trip to the UK in two weeks’ time, which more or less starts with a golden wedding anniversary get-together for my parents with my siblings and their families, and then ends with a Life Reboot Camp retreat. Without counting the two nights’ “sleep” on the aeroplane on the way there and back, I have got 8 bed changes in 3 weeks as I go to Berkshire, London, Brighton and Staffordshire!

If you are in the Brighton / Hove area I’m going to be giving a free talk there on Wednesday 26th June in the evening at Play Time. I would love to see you if that’s your neck of the woods (and feel free to share this with those you know in the area!). The subject of the talk is still to be decided, if you are local and would like to have your say just let me know which you prefer from:

  1. Balancing work and motherhood
  2. Mummy Guilt
  3. Not losing YOU when you’re a Mum
  4. Managing overwhelm
  5. Keeping your relationship alive
So that was the week that was. How was your week?
If you’ve enjoyed reading this do share in the comments below, I love to get feedback đŸ™‚
Have a fabulous week lovely!
Big love,
Sophie xx

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