Why gift future you at all?

Have you ever stopped to take a look at yourself, and thought back to the actions you took and the decisions you made in the past which gave you this exact life today?

I did this recently and it was such a fun exercise that I thought I’d share it with you.

In case you don’t know me, here’s a little bit of info on me:

I’m a 41 year old British woman, married to a Frenchman, mum to two half French/half English daughters.

I run an online business doing oodles of different things, the number one being my Life Reboot Camp, a self-study online course for women who want inspiration to love the life they live.

After 12 years living in the south of France, followed by 5 years living in London, my family and I now live in Mauritius. For those who don’t know it’s a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, in Africa, to the east of Madagascar.

So that is where I am today.

But what did I do in the past to get me where I am now?

The first thing is actually something my parents did.

From the age of 8 years old they took me and my brothers and sisters on holiday to the south of France most years. Over these holidays I fell in love with the country, the language, the culture, the people.

This led to me doing a degree in French and moving to France when I was 22. Which in turn led to me meeting a Frenchman in a bar there, having my first child there, and having Franglais* kids!

Anyway, back to me and my actions.

What decisions that I took yesterday led me to where I am today?

About 10 years ago I started reading business books. Studying the online world. Reading about entrepreneurs and learning how to run my own business. And I have been an entrepreneur and my own boss on and off over the last decade.

In 2012 Ben and I both decided to start our own blogs, which was the next step to us ending up here in Mauritius. Living a life where we get to choose when and how we work.

What Gift Will You Give “Future You” Today? www.SophieLeBrozec.com - Love the Life You Live!

Over the next 5 years we developed our lives and our work into something that could be done online, from anywhere in the world with a good internet access.

Two years ago this all came to a head when we finally got to the stage of being able to choose where we lived in the world.

I had always dreamed of living on a French-speaking island, so when Ben suggested Mauritius, I was all “hell yeah!”.

What I did, what we did, over the last 10 years and especially the last 5 years massively shaped our lives, where we are and what we do, today.

Try this out for yourself. What decisions in the past led you to where you are today?

Now, the even more fun part.

What are you going to do today to shape your life tomorrow?

What Gift Will You Give “Future You” Today?

What are you going to learn?

How much money are you going to save? To do what?

Are you going to make changes to your career?

Where are you going to move to?

Who are you going to become?

What will your new everyday life be?

This is such a fun exercise as you can really dream. There are no restrictions, just let your mind wonder, and figure out how you’re going to do it afterwards.

If you’d like some guidance in shaping your life to suit you, then have a look at my Life Reboot Camp.

If you’d told me 10 years ago that today, in 2017, I’d be living in Mauritius. Working for myself, in my own business, doing things I absolutely love. That I’d be about to go on a two month family holiday to Europe I’d never have believed you.

But that’s my life today.

Thanks to Past Sophie.

Now it’s time for me to figure out what I want to give to Future Sophie.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently.

In 10 years my eldest daughter will likely no longer live at home, so for me the next 10 years need to be all about making the most of her, and of both my kids in general, before they fly the nest.

That is why I’m beginning to plan a year-long, round the world, family trip for a few years’ time.

I’m researching living in camper vans. Travelling around Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. I’m digging into home schooling and the logistics of it. I’m looking into where we might like to travel, where we want to visit, what we want to see. And what kind of budget we’ll need for all this.

Not to mention how do we get internet access along the way so we can keep our online businesses going.

That is the gift that Present Sophie is going to give to Future Sophie. Quality time with her husband and kids. Memories upon memories for all the family.

What Gift Will You Give “Future You” Today? Think about it and act on it. Now.

Big love,
Sophie xx

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* Franglais = French + Anglais (the French word for English)

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