Is it just me or has the idea of Sisterhood and women empowering women gone down the toilet? I was brought up to believe that friends look after friends, and that sisters support each other. And in my world it really felt that way – I’m surrounded by some incredible “sisters” (real and otherwise) and online I love the incredible work that women like Glennon Doyle, Liz Gilbert, Marie Forleo, Brené Brown and so many more do (check out their social media feeds too).

But maybe I am cocooned and protected in this beautiful online world, where I choose incredible, inspirational, fearless women to follow.

Because last week I went to get my toenails done (hello an hour of sheer bliss topped off by pretty pinkies!) and was shocked, and quite frankly depressed, by the cover of an old copy of UK magazine, Heat.

Women empowering women: What happened to Sisterhood? - Love the Life You Live!
The cover of the Heat magazine that I stumbled across last week

Every single “story” was slamming a woman when she was down.

And this from a magazine sold principally to women.

What the Actual F*ck?!?

I have lived in Mauritius for two and a half years now, and even when we lived in the UK I avoided the news, the press and the media as much as possible*. Unfortunately happiness doesn’t sell so I find that all you get is other people’s misery and ill fortune.

But this magazine cover still shocked me to the core.

Are we seriously saying it’s ok to find another woman’s heartache and heartbreak, splash it all over newspapers and magazines in the name of “news”?

Maybe I just spend too long in a bubble of women who are all about supporting and empowering other women, and picking them up when they’re down.

Maybe I’m just super naive.

Maybe these things don’t / can’t ever change.

Or maybe they can.

Here’s a crazy idea for Sisterhood and Women Empowering Women…

How about we as women don’t buy magazines that denigrate other women in them / on their cover?

How about we don’t read such magazines when we go to the dentist / doctor / hairdresser?

How about we don’t give money or support to a business where women, who are at their lowest, get chased around by paparazzis?

What can we read instead?

I’m sure there are alternatives out there – personally I’m a big Psychologies fan, and even got chosen to be an Ambassador recently (although this rant has absolutely nothing to do with that – it just shocked the hell out of me!). Feel free to share any other great magazines or publications in the comments below or on social media.

Do we seriously want to raise the next generation thinking it’s ok to shame, hurt and kick the dog when it’s down?

Do go and check out the women I mentioned above on social media – because women empowering women is bloody amazing!

Big love,
Sophie xx

P.S. Next week something exciting is happening with my Life Reboot Camp – a great place for women empowering women – do jump on my mailing list so you don’t miss out when I announce it!

* I do make sure I’m aware of what’s going on in the world though 😉

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