Beat Overwhelm, Burnout & Indecision



When you join Life Reboot Camp you can expect to:

>>...beat overwhelm & burnout

>>...never make a wrong decision again

>>...say goodbye to stress, anxiety & worry

>>...say hello to fab relationships with your partner, kids, friends and loved ones

>>...sleep better

>> happy and love life (again)

Thanks to all of the above you can expect better physical, mental and emotional health too.

Even if you don't have a lot of time or money it's doable:

  • From £50 / month: cancel when you want, rejoin when you want
  • In 10 minute chunks of time: listen while you're driving or cooking dinner. Dip in and out. There is no pressure, no schedule. It fits around you.

Don't want to be overwhelmed with more information?

Email [email protected] to ask your questions and see if Life Reboot Camp is for you, or click on the yellow button above to join!

How would it feel...

>> totally beat overwhelm and burnout? To sleep well every night as you're not running through your to do list in your mind, or stressing about things you might have forgotten.

>> get excited at the prospect of Monday morning and doing work that lights you up?

>> get butterflies in your belly when you see your other half? OR to know whether it is the right decision to stay or go?

>> enjoy spending time with your kids, and to put Shouty Mummy to rest?

>> love what you see in the mirror?

>> spend time with people who push your buttons and NOT get triggered?

>> live somewhere you LOVE?

>> have incredible friends you trust, who have your back and who you love spending time with?

Check here if Life Reboot Camp is for you


>>...are overwhelmed and burnt out. You sleep badly and are fed up of constantly spinning plates.

>>...are exhausted. You are running on a hamster wheel that never lets up and you catch yourself wondering “is this it?”.

>>...are struggling with indecision and have so many questions about your life:

  • Should you make a career change?
  • Where is the best place to live?
  • Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

>>...worry about your relationship, it feels like it’s stagnating – can you ever recapture the early, loved-up days? Is this the right person for you?

>>...seem to spend the majority of your time yelling at your kids. If you look up Shouty Mummy on Google there's a picture of you there.

>>...are at a crossroads in your life and don’t have a clue which path to take.

>>...have done everything you were supposed to do – you got the job, the husband, the house, the kids, but you’re not happy.

>>...feel alone at times

>>...know there is something missing but you're not sure what

>>...are looking for support and answers to questions

>>...want a safe space to be vulnerable

If you answered YES to just one of these questions, then Life Reboot Camp is for you!



"I love Sophie. She changed my life for the better ❤️❤️❤️ If you are wondering If this is just another coach you are very wrong. She loves you like a sister, holds your hand like a friend and makes you feel found when you are lost."

Annette Turner
Scheme architect

"I’ve been a member of LRC for many years, and I can’t recommend the community enough. I’ve been through many big changes (quitting a toxic job, leaving my partner of many years, moving house and sharing parenting of my 7 year old daughter) all since I joined LRC and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without LRC and Sophie."

Works in supplier management, mum of 1

"Sophie is your 'go to' to get you on the right path to where YOU need to be going. Advice, back-up, reassurance and clarification, it's so comforting knowing she is just there to help on ALL matters in life."

Karen Howard
Self-employed mum of 2

"Life Reboot Camp helped me rediscover what makes me 'me' and realise that I'm so much more than just a wife and mother. Sophie's live workshops are always practical and topical and she holds you accountable to ensure you get the most important things done! It's a wonderful community to be part of."

Nicolette Evans
Founder of, connecting people to nature through mindful photography, natural mindfulness walks and doTERRA essential oils

"It’s the best online course I’ve ever been on, and I do a lot of courses!…You make so so much sense! It’s all clear, I can relate to every single bit of information you share and most importantly, you don’t sound patronising at all (tough one when you’re disseminating personal advice and tips like that)."

Mel Knibb
Mum of 4 & founder of, UK

"Finally I've started to unravel my self negativity to reveal the old me, the real me."

Rebecca Smith
Mum of 2 & founder of, UK

"I was in a kind of mid-life crisis. I did not know what to do, so I thought I’d give it a go. I was a bit apprehensive, how am I going to do that? I’ve never done an online course before and I’ve got two little ones. Where am I going to find the time? But it’s actually really easy. I would definitely recommend Life Reboot Camp, it’s brilliant! The community is so supportive and Sophie’s always there. It helped me a lot."

Part-time teacher and mum, UK


Life Reboot Camp is made up of an online programme and a community

There are two pillars to Life Reboot Camp

1) Life Reboot Camp - the programme

>>...the programme lives on a platform called Kajabi, which you can easily access from your phone, tablet or computer.

>>...made up of 6 modules covering every area of your personal and professional life.

>>...every lesson is a bite-sized video or audio that lasts on average 10 minutes, so you can listen when walking the dog, on the commute or when cooking the dinner.

>> have access 24/7 so it fits in perfectly with your busy life.

>>...dip in and out, doing the lessons and modules that you need at any given time.

>>...there is no overwhelm or falling behind as you only do the lessons that you need. (Most people don't need or do the whole programme.)

>>...all the lessons are in the form of videos, audios and PDFs.

>>...each lesson is accompanied by a worksheet if you want to dig deeper.

Never done an online programme before?

Neither have most of the Life Reboot Campers, so you are not alone.

Life Reboot Camp is simple, I'm there to hold your hand and you go at your own pace.

I promise you are going to love it! (And if not you have 30 days to get your money back - no questions asked.)

2) Life Reboot Camp - the community

>>...the community lives on a platform called Discord, which is safe and easily accessible on your phone, tablet or computer.

More information on the programme and the community below...


Sneak peek inside the Life Reboot Camp programme (app version)

Overview of the modules

Circled in red: the modules that you can click on to see the lessons.

Circled in yellow: click here at any time to come back to this overview of the modules.

Circled in blue: any announcements about workshops, events etc.

Circled in purple: any lessons you have starred to find easily again.

Circled in green: easily find what you are looking for.

What a module looks like

When you click on a module you will be taken to a list of the lessons.

Any lessons that you have completed will have a blue tick, like the one circled in yellow here.



What a lesson looks like

Each lesson has the same layout:

A video: these are on average 10 minutes long and never longer than 15 minutes.

A description: here it is "How to get better balance in your life, and avoid burnout and stress."

A worksheet download: If you want to go deeper on any lesson you can download the PDF worksheet.

An audio download: If you prefer to listen to a lesson (you don't need the visual - it's just me talking to the camera), you can download it here.

Breakdown of the lessons (only do the ones you need)

(Click on each module to expand it and see the list of lessons)

The lessons in Module 1 are:

  • ME time & self-care routines
  • Balance
  • I don't like what I see in the mirror
  • How to deal with Comparisonitis
  • What history do you need to deal with?
  • I'm a fraud, living in Imposter Syndrome

This is the module where we go deep on all the selfs: self-esteem, self-confidence, self-respect, self-love, self-care, self-image, self-worth.

This is the module where we get to the heart of what's going on with you and why you're not happy.

This is where you learn to love yourself (again).

This module is the basis of Life Reboot Camp and big changes can and do happen here...

The lessons in Module 2 are:

  • Introduction to woo-woo
  • Decluttering
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Journaling
  • Visualisation
  • Introduction to EFT / tapping
  • Introduction to the Law of Attraction / Manifesting
  • What do you believe to be true or possible?

Don't get put off by this one, it might sound scary and new, and way too "out there" for you, but this is where the magic happens.

Keep an open mind and discover how YOU have control over your life.

How you can massively improve your mood, relationships with people who trigger you and what you want to have in your future.

This one is the real game-changer.

This module is where the magic happens...

The lessons in Module 3 are:

  • All relationships - general intro
  • Blame & arguments (in all relationships)
  • One-on-one time (in all relationships)
  • Romantic relationships in general
  • Your relationship at home (who does what?)
  • Communication in your relationship
  • Sex in your relationship
  • Toxic relationships (including friendships)
  • Expat friendships

This one is about every relationship in your life - from your other half to your friends, from your kids to your colleagues, from your parents to your neighbours.

This one will help you reduce arguments and restore peace and get balance in your relationship (who does what chores).

You will learn to detect a toxic relationship and deal with it.

And we will cover the main issue in romantic relationships - sex!

Expect to have a sizzling marriage after this one and happy, drama-free relationships with everyone else in your life.

The lessons in Module 4 are:

  • Taboo subjects
  • Parenting and your romantic relationship
  • ME Time as a mum
  • Comparisonitis as a mum
  • Screen time and parenting
  • SAHM vs WAHM vs Working Mum

This module isn't about teaching you potty-training, sleep patterns and weaning, but about how to be a (happy) mum and not lose YOU.

You'll learn about how to be the best mum and the best partner without sacrificing YOU.

It will help you decide what is the best role for you - SAHM, WAHM or Working Mum. (No judgement on any of these roles - I've done them all.)

You'll find out how to be put Shouty Mummy back in her box so you can enjoy being a mum.

The lessons in Module 5 are:

  • Take stock of where you're at
  • Good at vs Like vs Finances (not the world's snappiest title but one of the best lessons in LRC!)
  • Magic wand
  • What is stopping you?
  • Should I stay or should I go?

This module will help you get super clear on what work will make your heart sing. Employee or entrepreneur. Big corporate job or a simple creative role.

We'll talk finances, restrictions and breaking through them so you can easily go and do the work that lights you up.

The lessons in Module 6 are:

  • My journey with regards to decision-making
  • Decision-making in general
  • You want change
  • My decision vs Their decision
  • All about FEAR
  • Risk assessment
  • Dealing with the negatives

Never struggle with a decision again.

Learn how to make the right decision.

Every time.

How to work through and overcome the fears that rear their ugly head.

How to deal with naysayers.

How to get the changes that will make you happy.

This is the one that took me from childminder in London to running my dream business in Mauritius.

This one is the life-changer.

Beat overwhelm & burnout now!

With members on 5 continents, Life Reboot Camp has been changing lives since it launched in February 2018.

Breakdown of the community

Content in the communities

  • 14 day challenges - you can join in with challenges to help you improve your life. Things like:
    - Inbox zero
    - Alcohol-free
    - Get active
    - Read more
    - Screens down
    - Shouty mummy gone
  • Live workshop with me every month. This is when we have a deep dive on a specific subject. Members can request the subject. (See past live workshop subject areas below.)
  • Ongoing anonymous mentoring with me. Whenever you want you can ask me any questions you have / ask me to help you with any problems you're dealing with. Questions are submitted anonymously online and I share the answer in the community app.
  • Woo-woo content from our resident energy healer, Marie Houlden*, to help you in a specific area. This is a mix of breathwork, hypnosis, guided meditation and EFT (tapping). 
  • New moon / full moon information, also from Marie Houlden, twice a month. Marie shares her insights into the new moon and the full moon, and how we can expect them to affect us each time.

* read more about Marie Houlden further down.


Sneak peek inside the Life Reboot Camp community (app version)

Overview of the community

There are "text channels" which are broad subject areas.

These are:

Live Calls
14 Day Challenges
All about You (Module 1)
Woo-woo (Module 2)
All Relationships (Module 3)
Parenting (Module 4)
Work and Career (Module 5)
Decisions and Fears (Module 6)
Français (for the Life Reboot Campers who want to chat in French)

Inside the text channels there can be threads, for example:

Alcohol and Goals in the General text channel.

Inbox Zero, Meditate Daily and Screens Down in the 14 Day Challenges text channel.

Numbers in red: these are notifications of where you have been tagged.

Search button at the bottom: you can easily search for a post or comment by a specific person, or search for a word / sentence.

(You can choose a black or a white background.)

An example of a discussion in the community

You can post about anything and everything in the community. To ask for help, to give help or support, to share wins, to rant and get things off your chest.

I am in the community every day, guiding you and helping you until you have found what you need.

The other members are also there to give their thoughts, experiences and suggestions too.

Never feel alone again.

(This particular post was in the "Woo-woo" text channel.)


 >> to stay motivated

>>...feminine time management, focus and overwhelm

>> to get clarity

>> to deal with anxiety, fear and worry

>>...recognising & decluttering toxic friends, and making good new ones

>>...MUMS - dealing with your own and avoiding becoming a bad one

>>...overwhelm, balance & boundaries

>>...why you need more fun and how to have it

>> to deal with people pushing your buttons

>>...all things fear

>>...death, grief & bereavement

>> to be a manifesting queen

>> deep dive

Life Reboot Campers can request upcoming subjects, and are polled monthly to find the best day and time for the live session. There is always a replay if you can't join live.

The replays of some of these are available in the community.

About me

I'm Sophie Le Brozec, but don't get confused by the exotic-sounding name - I'm a Brit, married to a Frenchman, and I've been living in Mauritius since 2015 after 12 years in the south of France and 5 years in London.

I'm a mum of 2 daughters and fur-mum of 2 rescue dogs and an ever-changing number of rescue cats and kittens.

I’m not a Life Coach, but if you’re looking for one I will more than tick your boxes. I’m a hand-holder but I also ask tough questions and don't accept “I can’t”.

Because that’s how you get to deal with overwhelm, and burnout to live your best life, which I now do.

But it hasn’t always been this way.

I took the risk of setting up a business, then was forced to close it down and sell my dream home.

With my husband I've moved countries twice with young children - both times we made the decision, organised everything and paid for it from our own pockets. (Which meant it was on our heads if it went wrong.)

I have been employee and entrepreneur, a stay-at-home-mum, working mum and work-at-home mum.

I've suffered from overwhelm, burnout, depression and abuse, was traumatised by miscarriage, have come close to divorce and wanted to eBay my kids, but then I fought to find a way out. A better way.

I try not to take myself or life too seriously, as it's way too short, and I'd like to invite you along for the ride.

That doesn't mean I wallpaper over the hard stuff, it means I deal with it rather than dwell on it. And then move on to happier things.

If you are expecting perfection and textbook terminology then you should look elsewhere.

With me you get swearing, no make-up, messy hair and half a lifetime of learning and taking risks.

I won't take excuses and will give you straight-talk - if you join Life Reboot Camp it's because you want to beat overwhelm and burnout, deal with indecision and live your absolute best life, so that's what I'm here to help you do. With love and laughter :-)

One last thing you should know about me - giving back is a really big deal for me. So in Life Reboot Camp I run a "Buy One Gift One" programme. This means I gift Life Reboot Camp to a woman in need for every new paying Life Reboot Camp member. So when you join and make your life better you are making someone else's life better too :-) See below for more information on this.

I have also pledged to pay 10% of my profits to a variety of charities - you can request a charity to add to my list if you like, just drop me a message: [email protected] 


What members say about Life Reboot Camp

Click on each person's name and read their LRC story

Sally runs her own business, is married and a mum of 2. She says:

"When I came across Sophie, I didn’t think I needed Life Reboot Camp. I’m happily married with 2 young children and a successful career. But then I started to think, is this it?! My children are now both at school and I’ve started my own business in the last 2 years, but it all just felt a bit flat. Doing the modules in LRC made me realise that there is loads of stuff to sort out and clear out, especially in my marriage at the time, and my husband is thrilled with the changes 😉

Sophie’s advice is straight talking and practical and she doesn’t let you make excuses. Through LRC I’ve discovered passive income and woo-woo (I was a total sceptic and now a firm believer!) It’s not an understatement to say it has changed my life."

Rebecca is a freelancing mum to two children with additional needs, married but not in a mutually happy relationship, she says:

"I was introduced to Sophie via another LRC-er, Mel, who kept telling me my circumstances were the perfect reason for me to join. I was sceptical and in a terrible place mentally, no group was going to help as far as I was concerned. Then Sophie released one of her mini boot camps for 10 days. I WAS HOOKED!

Suddenly I was feeling as if someone got it, told it like it is (no sugar coating) and knew from her own experiences that this stuff worked. AND she was honest, if Sophie is having a bad day and needs to remind herself of her own coaching she'll hold her hand up and say so.

This honesty and reality was what I needed, not someone who had all their sh#t together and made me feel inferior or a failure.

I've been with Sophie for nearly 2 years now and in that time my relationship with my children has improved beyond recognition, my self esteem and confidence continues to grow each day, my marriage is still an issue but I now KNOW why that is, have grown dramatically in strength, and am supported every micro-step of the way. Finally I have a career back, self respect and independence, all down to the fact I suddenly believed I was worth it, could achieve anything I set my mind to, and am bloody good at it!

Not bad when I originally came to Sophie for help in a situation where I knew I needed to change something, but didn't know what or where to start, because I couldn't unpick from the despair what exactly the problems were and therefore where to begin."

Bea is a WAHM of 2, married, living in Belgium, after recently moving from Switzerland. She says:

"I knew Sophie from her blog Franglaise Mummy on Facebook. I was living in the UK then and so was she, I really enjoyed the way Sophie approached life and dealt with everyday aaaargh moments as a mum, a wife working full-time with a bilingual and bi-cultural take on life.

 Having moved to Switzerland not long after that, I realised that the expat life which has always been fun, exciting and refreshing for me was actually dragging me down. I felt out of touch, lost, stuck in a rut on so many levels. It was not the first time we had moved abroad and yet, this seemed a huge challenge. I just didn’t know what to do with my life, felt a bit of a useless mum and wife, couldn’t figure out what I really wanted at 44, let alone how to go and get it.

And here came LRC, such a breath of fresh air! Through each simple module, I discovered at my own pace, how and why I was feeling and reacting certain ways. I had to dig deep sometimes and have some honest reality checks with myself. But what a revelation! LRC has allowed me to really work on my confidence, narrow down what I want to do for now (I’ve started my own little business thanks to it!) and simply enjoy life more, in its quirky ways and unexpected twists and turns."

Nicolette is a married, WAHM of two, she says:

"I came across Sophie on Linkedin and enjoyed her videos and posts about improving your relationship, parenting and taking time for yourself. I enjoyed her honest outlook, useful tips and friendliness. This led me to watch her masterclass, with a guest speaker, about what men and women want from relationships, at a time when I felt my own relationship needed some attention. I even made my husband watch it!

So when the chance to join her course came up, I jumped at it. It was about time I put myself first! I’ve worked through a few modules so far and each time, they bring up new things for me. You can do them at your own pace and in any order, so I fit them in when I can.

I’ve been working with Sophie since January 2019 and it’s really pushed things forward. I’m having more quality time with my husband so things are feeling better (there’s still a way to go) and I’m becoming a more patient and assertive parent (I’m still a shouty mum at times but less so now). Best of all, I’ve uncovered a lot about the ‘old me’ – the good and the bad!

Sophie’s approach is practical and always supportive. She’s in your corner."

Michelle is working mum of one and step-mum to three adult step-children, she says: 

"I was introduced to Sophie through a networking event that I attended in Mauritius. We had been living in Mauritius for almost a year and I was looking to work. I have always struggled with trying to find my ‘passion’ and ‘what gets me out of bed every day’ and I have since started working.

Juggling between work and family have taken their toll and Sophie has been an integral part in helping me to get the balance right. Especially in ensuring some ‘me time’ at the same time.

I have also always struggled with self-esteem and confidence issues which with Sophie’s help, are slowly improving - and with turning 40, I definitely feel a shift.

I have had my fair share of broken hearts. I’ve lost both my parents in the last 10 years. I live away from my family and friends. But I have a very supportive husband who I absolutely adore and admire. However, life’s struggles and stresses have had an impact on us and with the ‘7 year itch’ upon us - we are not seeing eye-to-eye at times currently. Sophie is standing by and helping from the sidelines - she is an angel.

Parenting is hard…especially to a strong-willed and rambunctious little boy. I’ve learned so much from this journey and continue to do so…along with Sophie’s help.

Sophie is a beautiful individual. She’s been through a lot and shares her experiences with us. She too is on a journey, as we are all are, and she holds your hand along with you with no judgement or criticism. Just pure love, honesty, encouragement and motivation. She’s an inspiration and I am so grateful to have met her. Sophie brings with her a lot of knowledge to assist in all dynamics of life. It is amazing to have someone rooting for you - I do not feel alone in this complicated journey of ‘life’ that we are all on."

Karin is a WAHM to two children and happily married, she says:

"Joining Life Reboot Camp was such a revelation to me! I was doing a lot of self-discovery work prior to joining LRC but the modules had me digging even deeper and opened my mind and heart to looking at things differently.

I had never fully believed in the "woo woo" side of mental health and wellbeing but LRC got me intrigued. Opening up to the law of attraction, to energy healing, to EFT and tapping has made a dramatic difference to my life.

When I joined LRC I was unhappily working my 3rd year as a part-time social media manager who was dreaming of working for herself and running her own business to help people and make a difference. Nearly two years later I am self-employed and running my own business and feel more confident and fulfilled than I have in a long time.

Attending the LRC Retreat in the UK in June 2019 really pushed me to break through my self limiting beliefs, to dig deep into my blocks and acknowledge my feelings.

Happiness and mental health is an ongoing job but I have gained so much knowledge, confidence and education about how best to approach my life through LRC that I feel very secure in this journey.

I am so grateful for the tools that LRC has helped me to utilise."

Tania is a full time working mum to a young daughter, she says:


"Like most people, life is busy, often feels a juggle and when will I ever have a minute to myself!

I’ve been a member of LRC for many years, and I can’t recommend the community enough.

I’ve been through many big changes (quitting a toxic job, leaving my partner of many years, moving house and sharing parenting of my 7 year old daughter) all since I joined LRC and I can honestly say I couldn’t have done it without LRC and Sophie.

No nonsense, practical guidance in all areas of life, and opens up new ways of looking at things.

Being challenged to consider my ‘why’ and feeling supported throughout, feeling there is always a sisterhood that has my back (and will equally be honest).

Especially through the worst of the pandemic, where everyone was working and living from home, it has been so good to speak to women across the world - it's a safe place to vent, cry, be scared and ask for support.

Equally, many happy times shared and fun times had with a community from across the globe.

In short, my life is in my hands and my control more than it has ever been. I’m happier than I’ve been in many years and it’s through my involvement with LRC and the tools it has given me to take action and change what I can’t accept.



Choose from monthly membership, yearly membership or lifetime access where you get all the goodies (including a 1-2-1 mentoring call worth £300)!



Access to all the video and audio lessons from all 6 modules 

Access to all the worksheets from all 6 modules

Access to the Life Reboot Camp online global community

Access to the 14 day challenges

Live monthly online workshops with Sophie

Ongoing anonymous mentoring with Sophie

New moon and full moon information from resident expert Marie Houlden

Woo-content from Marie Houlden (EFT + breathwork + hypnosis audios + guided meditations)

Opportunity to upgrade to lifetime access at any time

Sophie's e-book "How to be happy (no matter what sh!t life throws at you!)"




Access to all the video and audio lessons from all 6 modules 

Access to all the worksheets from all 6 modules

Access to the Life Reboot Camp online global community

Access to the 14 day challenges

Live monthly online workshops with Sophie

Ongoing anonymous mentoring with Sophie

New moon and full moon information from resident expert Marie Houlden

Woo-content from Marie Houlden (EFT + breathwork + hypnosis audios + guided meditations)

Opportunity to upgrade to lifetime access at any time

Sophie's e-book "How to be happy (no matter what sh!t life throws at you!)"


Sophie's e-workbook
"Fall (back) in love with your life in 10 days" worth £10




Access to all the video and audio lessons from all 6 modules 

Access to all the worksheets from all 6 modules

Access to the Life Reboot Camp online global community

Access to the 14 day challenges

Live monthly online workshops with Sophie

Ongoing anonymous mentoring with Sophie

New moon and full moon information from resident expert Marie Houlden

Woo-content from Marie Houlden (EFT + breathwork + hypnosis audios + guided meditations)

Opportunity to upgrade to lifetime access at any time

Sophie's e-book "How to be happy (no matter what sh!t life throws at you!)"

Sophie's e-workbook
"Fall (back) in love with your life in 10 days" worth £10


Access to all the Life Reboot Camp lessons as podcast episodes, so you can easily listen on the go, and dip in & dip out as you need.

LRC Lite - the content of the Life Reboot Camp programme in an easy-to-navigate PDF worth £200

1 hour 1-2-1 mentoring call with Sophie worth £300



Marie Houlden

Marie is an intuitive mindset coach & energy healer for sensitive souls.

She is a qualified Kinesiologist, EFT* Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Breathwork Facilitator, Strategic Intervention Coach, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Practitioner and Practitioner of Transformational Bodywork.

In August 2022, Marie will have completed a year long study with Gabor Maté (Author of "When the Body Says No" and world-renowned trauma expert) on understanding the significant impact that trauma can have on the body and mind. She will be bringing all of that knowledge and expertise to the Life Reboot Camp community.

Marie provides the community with a selection of the following:

- breathwork sessions

- EFT scripts

- hypnosis audios

- guided meditations

Every month she shares her updates about the new moon and the full moon, and the moon's effects on us.

Marie is also present in the Life Reboot Camp community so you can ask her your energy and woo-woo questions.

* also called tapping

Want some reassurance?

I hate being ripped off, not getting value for money, or buying something that isn't right for me.

The last thing I want is for you to feel this way.

So you can ask for your money back any time in the first 30 days. No matter which membership option you have signed up for.

If for whatever reason this isn't the right fit for you simply email my team ([email protected]) and I'll happily refund your money in full. No questions asked.




Buy One, Gift One

I gift lifetime membership to a woman in need for every paying member.

How does it work?

  • If you pay for lifetime access to LRC I immediately contact a woman on the waiting list and offer her lifetime access.
  • If you pay for yearly access to LRC I immediately contact a woman on the waiting list and offer her lifetime access, even if you don't renew your yearly membership.
  • If you pay for monthly access to LRC, once you have paid for 6 months of membership I contact a woman on the waiting list and offer her lifetime access even if you leave after 6 months.

Free lifetime access to women in need

Who is this for?

  1. Any woman who is trying to leave an abusive relationship, or who has recently left one and is rebuilding her life. There is no waiting list in this case. Simply get in touch: [email protected]
  2. Any woman who needs Life Reboot Camp but really can't afford it - for whatever reason. Email me and my team and ask to be put on the waiting list: [email protected]

Please note - women of colour and indigenous women get priority, so please let us know if this applies to you when you contact us.

Ask me your questions


Maybe you're not sure if Life Reboot Camp is right for you. No problem! Drop me an email and I'll happily answer your questions. No hard sell - I only want people in Life Reboot Camp who want in, and I'll tell you if it's not right for you.

Email [email protected] 


If you're not having sex it's just a friendship

Sally talks candidly about her marriage, sex life, career and business.

SAHM, stuck in a rut

Beatrice signed up to Life Reboot Camp because, as a 45 year old Stay at Home Mum, she felt stuck in a rut and not sure what to do next.

Balancing work & 3 young children

Violaine was looking to find a way to make things better for her with her work and her 3 young children. She wasn't enjoying life at all and found Life Reboot Camp to be a life-saver for her.


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Bear this in mind:

  • How much money do you spend every month trying to make yourself feel better? (Bottles of wine at the end of the day, shopping trips for retail therapy) Life Reboot Camp makes you feel so much better that the need for these things will dramatically fade.
  • How much is your marriage worth to you / how much will a divorce or separation cost? Numerous women have turned their relationships around with Life Reboot Camp, saving a fortune and tons of stress.
  • How much money do you spend on your kids, trying to create a good relationship with them (presents. toys, devices, holidays, trips)? With Life Reboot Camp you learn how to get a great relationship with your children without spending money.

If you need Life Reboot Camp but really can't afford it, please contact me to get on the waiting list for a scholarship. For every paying member of Life Reboot camp I offer a free spot to a woman in need, who desperately needs help getting out of a bad situation for example.

There’s tons of information available for you, but I don’t have time either so it’s been created for the busy person that you are.

You can digest it in 5-15 minute bite-size chunks, on your phone while your little one is at her tennis lesson or while commuting, alternatively you can binge on it like with your favourite Netflix series.

Or you can do anything in between.

You can pick and choose the videos, worksheets and tasks that most appeal to you at any given time.

Eek, no! The logistics would be horrific ;-) 

Everything is available to do whenever suits you. I am very aware that I have very little time and I want to digest information in different ways at different times, so my aim is to make this as easy to take in as possible.

So there are videos, audios and worksheets. And if you don’t have time for videos you can download the audio version to listen to when doing household chores / driving.

Work on it literally whenever and wherever suits you.

For the monthly live calls we poll all members in advance to see which days / times suit best. Then a replay is provided afterwards.

Again – eek, no! You can do the bits which resonate with you now, and come back to others as and when you need them, or never, it’s up to you.

You have access to everything immediately so you can dip in and out, and do them in whatever order works for you and your own needs. However I do recommend doing Modules 1 and 2 first, and in that order in general.

No. The course is written with mums in mind and there is a module on parenting but at least 80% of the content is valid for you if you don’t have children / never want kids. Not everyone who has gone through the course is a mum.

No. There is a module on relationships, but it’s all kinds of relationships, including romantic relationships, but also friendships, relationships with neighbours, family members, colleagues… Again not everyone who has gone through the course is in a relationship.

It was written and created for women, but a good 80% of the programme works for everyone, regardless of gender.

No. I talk about “he” when I refer to your partner as it’s easier than saying he/she all the time, and my references tend to be more towards male / female relationships as this is what I have more experience with. But Life Reboot Camp should totally apply and help gay women too, and if not, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee anyway. No questions asked.

None at all because I won’t be doing the programme for you.

I can guarantee you that if you sign up for the course then wait for your life to magically change, it won’t.

However if you sign up for the course, and do the work on the modules that you have issues with, it will be very hard not to see radical changes in your life, very quickly (check out the testimonials to better gauge if it's for you).

And, because I believe in Life Reboot Camp so much, I offer a full refund guarantee in the first 30 days after you sign up if you find it has not been helpful to you.

This is plenty of time to check out the whole course and ask for a refund if you find it didn’t work for you. So basically you have nothing to lose :-)

Full Disclosure: Life Reboot Camp only works for those who want positive change in their life and are willing to put in the approx 10 minute chunks of time (or binge it) to make that happen. If this isn’t you, go back to scrolling through Facebook, and waiting for your fairy godmother to show up!



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