Do you sometimes wonder if there should be more to life than this? Maybe you feel that life is just too hard sometimes, or that you should be further along. Do you get jealous or envious when you look at friends’ posts on Facebook or Instagram? Or feel guilty that you’re not a Pinterest-perfect mum. Maybe you feel like you’re going through some kind of midlife crisis (or any stage of life crisis!)? Are you at a crossroads and don’t know where to go next?

Do you hit the snooze button a little bit too hard in the mornings, and wonder why this damn hamster wheel is turning faster and faster? Do you suffer from self-doubt and constantly question and second guess everything you do? Maybe you sometimes wonder what people see in you (from a romantic, friendship or work point of view)? Do you wonder if the day will ever come when YOU get to choose what YOU want?

Are you overwhelmed, tired, stressed? Or do you simply feel that something is not quite right in your life, but you can’t put your finger on it?

Hi! I’m Sophie and I wear many hats.

Life Mentor, Happiness Expert, Psychologies Magazine Ambassador, Author, Teacher, Mum, Wife and Eternal Optimist

My favourite hat is the one where I get to inspire, motivate and guide women like you to live your best, happiest, most fulfilled, fun life.

In 2012 I started a parenting blog where I opened up and shared my life to complete strangers across the world. At the time I was at the start of pregnancy number 2 and I just wanted to share my honest journey of parenting in France and in the UK. I didn’t realise how much this openness and honesty might help others, nor how many incredible women would come into my life through that blog.

Since then I’ve been helping, inspiring, motivating and guiding women all over the world in their lives, relationships, parenting and careers. My number 1 aim this whole time is to help as many women as I can to love the life they live, no matter what form it might take. And I do that today via various free and paid resources.

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Don’t just take it from me, check out what these lovely ladies have to say about me and my work…

Life Reboot Camp Testimonials

Violaine is a freelance translator and
mum of 3 young children in France



Mel Knibb is a former teacher, a mum of 4, and a blogger at Le Coin de Mel, UK:

“It’s the best online course I’ve ever been on, and I do a lot of courses!…You make so so much sense! It’s all clear, I can relate to every single bit of information you share and most importantly, you don’t sound patronising at all (tough one when you’re disseminating personal advice and tips like that).”


Vicki Montague is the founder of The Free From Fairy, UK




Cecile is French, lives in the UK and is a
part-time teacher and a full-time mum



Karin is a mum and the founder of Embrace Happy, UK




Beatrice is a stay at home mum, Switzerland




Georgina Lucy is a Life Coach & Bridal Coach in the UK




Katie Knight is a freelance journalist, London, UK




Heidi Van ‘t Riet runs Passive Income Rocks and lives in Dubai




General Testimonials

Sophie has a knack for making you feel so much better, no matter how bad things seem, she will share an idea or an experience to help you see things in a totally different light, and before you know it your negative has become a positive.”

Tracey, English Teacher l France

“I love this woman, she’s a real ‘you can do it’ kind of woman – not in a trite way but in an honest and frank way. Check her out if you want direction in your life!”

Natasha from Our Normandy Life

“The idea of loving the life I live is all quite new to me, as a busy working mum to three children I never really allowed myself the time to think of me. Sophie has made me stop and rethink the way I live my life and the way I look at things, making me a happier, more grateful person, wife and mum.”

Georgia, Co-Owner of restaurant, Les Palmiers Chez Dev l Mauritius


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