My thunder thighs stopped me from wearing shorts for 10 years

all about you May 20, 2021

Thunder thighs. Chunky. Dumpy. Fat knees. Full of cellulite.

These are just some of the nasty things I or other people have said about my legs in the past.

Which led to me not wearing shorts for 10 years, despite living on the French Riviera for 4 of those years.

I was so wrapped up with feeling "less than" with regard to my legs that I chose to be uncomfortable and hot in alternative clothes rather than wear shorts.

That ended 3 months before my 40th birthday when we left London and moved to Mauritius, a tropical island where it is more or less summer all year round, and shorts are pretty much an obligatory wardrobe staple.

So after 10 years of no shorts, and at my legs' most wobbliest yet I started wearing shorts again.

Fast forward 5 years and I wear shorts most days without thinking about it now.

My legs have never looked "worse" in that middle age has drastically increased the cellulite to non-cellulite ratio, and serious wobble has set in, despite doing more sport now than...

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