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When luxury meets poverty, what do you do?

charity May 31, 2021

In 2015 our family moved from a 4 bedroom house in London to a 4 bedroom house in Mauritius.

Our new house was 5 times the size of our London home and cost 1/3 of our London rent. Included in our Mauritian rent were a pest control team, a pool guy and a gardening team.

The cost of our new house was very low and initially it was glorious to live in the kind of luxury we'd only ever dreamed of previously.

As we settled into our new life on the island we became aware of the extreme poverty that others were living in.

Just over a mile away families lived in tin shacks, "built" on mud, despite the extreme weather conditions.

When it rained - which it does a lot on a tropical island - these homes get soaked and the surrounding areas turned into mud baths.

But that is nothing in comparison to the suffocating heat in these tin cans when it's 35+ºC and 80% humidity in the shade.

My husband, Ben, and I vowed that our kids wouldn't turn into rich brats who think the world owes them some...

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